[music/review] Blush’s debut, “Undivided”. Michelle is undividedly.. disappointed.

When I first heard of Blush, I was incredibly hopeful for such a multi-ethnic group, able to transcend petty borders and dominate Asia and the West.

Now I’m not so sure. Let’s look at separate components of “Undivided”:

(1) Music Video & Dance: first impressions– teen pop, headphone adertisement, Disney. Unsurprising, because producer behind Blush came from Disney. It’s nice camera work, but the set seems cheap and commonplace. Snoop Dogg doesn’t seem into it with such a clean kiddie rap; even their dance seems like a safe Pussycat Dolls variation. The chemistry between the girls and the boys seems off; it seems like the awkward dancing around you see when.. you’re a teen.. and Blush is definitely old compared to idol groups.

(2) Voice: more R&B style than typical pop fare. Only the Filipino singer, Angeli Flores, got much singing time– a pity, because from the impression I got, when they are singing in their own native languages, they would get precedence; not in English, their lingua franca. The Japanese member, Natsuko Danjo, raps a bit at the end, and I would actually have preferred her to rap Snoop’s rap break. It would certainly add more of an authentic Asian pop flavor and also novelty to the American market where females rarely rap in pop.

(3) Song Quality: basic teen pop fare– wait for the pun– that is ‘fairly’ addictive. The ending is adorable, with all of them saying “I love you” in their respective languages. This song is rather a safe choice, which I dislike. To break into a market, you don’t have to be racy or extremely on the edge, just different from the rest, but Blush is riding on the wave that has already crested.

(4) Presence: for some reason I really like Natsuko, and want to see her more. Otherwise, none of them really stuck in my mind, or had a huge stage presence. In addition, all of them are not mainstream pretty or attractive. They are all beautiful, but by SNSD standards, they fall flat.

of course Natsuko deserves some Michelle-giffing :)

I’m not entirely sure if this is Blush’s debut or just ramping up to the real debut. If it’s their debut, I am disappointed. They set out with the goal to dominate Asia, and if you have Asian idol models to compete against, this is a totally flimsy attempt.


2 thoughts on “[music/review] Blush’s debut, “Undivided”. Michelle is undividedly.. disappointed.

  1. I have to say I agree. I had not yet heard of Blush when I saw them perform on SYTYCD a couple weeks ago. My first impression was…this seems like KPop. KPop is good although Disney-ish, but for that show you gotta bring it and they didn’t, especially with the dancing. It was wayyyy awkward having Snoop Dogg of all people rapping with them and their innocent lil song. Did he owe someone a favor or something? All around it was just plain awkward.

    • =___= I totally agree, because Snoop must be desperate nowadays if he did a Blush cameo just ’cause ._. I like their concept, so I really hope they can ‘bring it’ later on :(

      thanks for reading & commenting!

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