[kpop/musings] brief thoughts on Japanese BoA, her duet with Daichi Miura

updated 23 July 2011, 6PM. crossposted from tumblr.

UPDATE! BoA and Daichi Miura actually sang this on Daichi’s Gravity tour, and the mic balance was much better! We get to hear Daichi’s voice and see his face much more equally. Also, there was more artist interaction.. like actually looking into each other’s eyes.. what?! And moving towards each other! And ad-libbed vocalizations! I think I’m developing a crush on Mr. Miura.

Live BoA and Daichi Miura are so, so, so good.

There is such a difference between how Korean idols are treated in Korea and in Japan. BoA is not tricked out in some weird makeup and forced to do ‘catchy choreo’. She can be herself, and really just let her voice shine instead of having to rely on other artificialities, and the end result is spectacular, if anything, much better than her Korean repertoire.

Same goes for TVXQ.. it’s the reason why I like their Japanese albums so much better than their Korean counterparts.

Extra: I’ve always heard that BoA was amazing in live perfomances. When she was promoting Hurricane Venus, I didn’t feel anything. But.. this duet.. though this was BoA’s album, Daichi should have gotten better sound engineering and more equality in the head-shots in the music video and in BoA’s tour; however good BoA is, it’s a duet, and Daichi is the perfect partner, and I’m glad Daichi got it his way in his tour, at least (damn you, S.M. EVERYTHING IS NOT A COMPETITION!).

The music video made for Possibility was also amazing, in its artistry and thought process. Even though I don’t understand Japanese, the music video elucidated me on the subject of the song much better than any spoken words could. So much so I made two gifsets (one, two) on tumblr instead of Onew Sangtae.


4 thoughts on “[kpop/musings] brief thoughts on Japanese BoA, her duet with Daichi Miura

  1. I completely agree about BoA/TVXQ in Japan. However, as a singer, Kpop forces you to be somewhat talented in vocals, or at least not as tone deaf. I think. Either that or I’m wording my theory wrong. XD I know when I sing karaoke, I can sing Jpop a /lot/ better than Kpop. Jpop provides a lot of backup BGM that guides me as to what note I should be singing, but Kpop instrumentals are extremely repetitive and bland. (I go off-key a lot. T_T)

    I remember TVXQ saying something about how they were a bit anxious when Japanese audiences wouldn’t sing along at their concerts, instead preferring to sit quietly and listen. (Why can’t more audiences be like that?) Makes sense to me, because most of TVXQ’s Japanese stuff is ballads or easygoing songs that just makes you want to listen to their voices. :) Their Japanese fans are also of a more mature age group, so that makes a difference as well.

    • XD I think it depends on the concert. I agree, ballady singers will have less sing-a-long concerts.. I mean.. singing along to Renee Fleming while she’s singing Ave Maria.. ha. ha.

      I disagree! At least on the fringes (outside of the well-developed companies like YG, Cube, SM, JYP) :P that is, or what happens is that you have one or two really good singers that cover up for all others and they improve as their forays into the industry continue (cough, SHINee). Hmm, during performances you will have MR (backing vocals) in addition to the instrumentals, and they have their little ear plugs to hear it :P unlike us trying to sing kpop karaoke (;___;).


      • XD I pay very little attention to companies other than the big names, so that may explain our disagreement, but you have a valid point. When I watch new debutees on Music Bank or Music Core or whatever, I can pick out the bad singers really fast. .__. And I mean really fast.

        Oh, yes, I forgot about the MR. :P I was in a rush and didn’t quite think out what I wanted to say all the way. (A little random, but do you mind me asking how old you are? XD This is the first time I’ve been able to discuss stuff like this in depth with someone other than my best friend. :3) The MR doesn’t help me, though, when there is any provided. XD Fail.

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