[kpop] some tricks to tell when SHINee’s lip-synching.

I have pretty good ears. I was listening to the classical radio while in the car, and Tartini’s Devil’s Trill Sonata was playing. I had never heard that version before, but I was like, that has got to be Anne-Sophie Mutter. Or when I watched Nodame Cantabile. That has got to be Li Yundi‘s Ravel Piano Concerto in G. Needless to say, I’ve got most of SHINee’s repertoire committed to the audio-equivalent of photographic memory. One day I decided to listen to my collection of SHINee live perfs.


Yes, that was pretty bad. Jonghyun lip-synced almost the whole thing.

If that looked and/or sounded all right to you, read these following tips to tell whether they are lip-syncing or not–

  • *these following tips apply specifically to Lucifer performances
  • Live Jonghyun is always much more whiny, waily, and breathy. To be honest, he sounds like a wannabe macho person
  • Unlike the studio-recorded track, in live perfs, Key’s voice dominates during the chorus beginning and middle (a good example would be 100731). Key was pretty good in this performance, he’s probably the one that sang live the most in this specific perf
  • Onew dominates in the high chorus parts (sometimes you can hear Jonghyun)
  • Minho is more screechy when he raps, almost like he wants to hiccup
  • Telling if Minho and Taemin are singing live is the hardest, because they’re covered by heavy backing vocals at all times. Also, both of them aren’t great singers, so they sing to rote and sing only a little– so we can’t hear things characteristic of a live performance like mic echoes, slightly off-key pitches. So for this, you need to rely on your memory of the studio-recorded song, and see if there are any deviations.

Now rewatch! ^

And sigh. Sigh. Sigh.


9 thoughts on “[kpop] some tricks to tell when SHINee’s lip-synching.

  1. personally i think their shinee 1st concert lucifer was even worse, as was any lucifer x-men laser claws remix break.
    a tip for telling if taemin is singing live is if his voice is shaking or not when he’s dancing. singing!minho is harder

    • Nah that’s more true in Hello perfs, where Taemin’s vibrato is more pronounced :P I don’t find his vibrato to change significantly based on whether he is dancing or not.. But definitely when singing different genres.

      If Minho sounds even more like a strangled fish, congrats! You caught him singing live XD


    • simply put, all of their singles in their 1st concert were completely lip synced. (kinda makes sense considering they had to sing & dance 100+ other songs for a couple of performances)

      • even so.. I feel no pity :P and still think they should have done mostly everything live. they do sing and dance for a living.. sort of.. damn you SM.

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  3. Well a way to tell with K-Pop in general is if the voices are much quieter… for example, SNSD is pretty talented (Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun sometimes and Sunny) and even though ‘The Boys’ is predominantly lipsynced in lives, you can tell just because their voices are a lot quieter and variate in volume depending on how their mike is situated.

    It’s harder to tell with Jonghyun so I’m glad that you clarified how to tell with him.

    As for Taemin & Minho, maybe we should just leave the dancing and the sex appeal to them on music programs and not worry so much about their singing unless they’re soloing on something like in London (Taemin was amazing there.)

  4. Hey ! :)
    I’m not from an englis speaking country so I’m not sure I can understand well what you say in this article. What do you mean by “he sounds like a wannabe macho person” , when you talkabout Jonghyun ? My english is not that bad, but I’m not sure I’ve really understood …

    *Sorry for the orthograph and al of the other bad things … TT*

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