[kpop/rumor] rumor: Taemin got a nose job. verdict: …

Rumors have been circulating that SHINee’s Taemin has gotten a ‘nose job’ and gotten rid of his little ‘hook’ and made his nose a bit straighter:

I have already generally outlined my view about plastic surgery on kpop idols. For the most part, I am against it, and for the record, I am universally against plastic surgery after debut (barring circumstances like accidents which do require reconstructive plastic surgery). It is sort of pointless after debut, after they have already established an image. Unless one has a radical face change, a general reshaping of the face will not really bring in more fans. In Taemin’s case, it was even more pointless, because it was so minor. General reaction from Shawols: we will love Taemin regardless of a nose job. So this was useless–fans who loved him before will not stop loving him, and due to the minor nature of the surgery, Taemin did not really grow any more attractive. Rather, one could argue that he became less attractive, because there are some people who dislike the concept of artificially modified idols (me).

Throughout this whole process, I wonder who is tugging the strings, who says okay to the doctor holding the scalpel. I wonder if Taemin, at the end of his short idol life, will feel regret or satisfaction. I wonder when the joyride will end, and I shudder to know the consequences, inequitably distributed on one side.

Verdict: Taemin likely has received minor plastic surgery on his nose.

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11 thoughts on “[kpop/rumor] rumor: Taemin got a nose job. verdict: …

    • OOOH it’s Patricia! She is a very, very good writer, better than me, and more knowledgeable about kpop industry & music production (lol, only being a SHINee stan doesn’t get you far) I would suggest checking her personal site out :) I actually know her.. in real life.. I know.. how odd…


  1. actually i dont think his nose changed now. the “hook” is back in key’s my first kiss at shinee’s taipei first concert (which taemin performed in)

  2. yeah his nose is the same, he recently gained more weight so maybe its just that >_< but any way i'll always love taemin nothing will stop me :D

    • I think so too, when looking at him from some angles, he looks a little chubby XD but that’s all right, he weighs so little :)

      thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Ah I know, if the nose job is real….I’d be really really disappointed :( I’ve always loved him, ’cause he’s a natural idol. Plastic surgery isn’t a good option, really.

  4. we must remember that Taemin is a growing person and must occur oviamente changes. I think you are forgetting that. since its debut until almost 4 years now, can not be the same. we have to understand that too.Taemin fighing..!~♥

  5. OMG….. I dont beleive this at all.. Taeminnie will never do plastic surgery i mean hes the kind of guy who doesnt care SOOOO MUCH about looks (he still cares of corse but u know what i mean)… I mean pretty much by now he alredy knows his face is perfect and if he actually changes… Well, we’ll still luv him :) No matter what change we’ll still luv him :) But Taeminnie plz plz dont get plastic surgery! Ur face is alredy perfect :)!!

  6. I don’t know why people are so bothered by the concept of idols getting plastic surgery. Granted, these idols might be getting forced into it, but it does literally no use for the fans to agonize over it like plastic surgery is the worst thing someone can do.

  7. i’m little dissapointed when i knew the information, but i’m not sure whether it’s true or not. my dongsaeng is in growing phase, i hope it’s including his nose..
    i still love him as my little bro..fighting!!

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