small blog note on SHINee’s release of Japanese “Replay”

I will not be posting my immediate reactions to SHINee’s release of the Japanese Replay. I think it’s best to let my thoughts stew around for a bit. So it’s not because I’m lazy (though I really am) that I’m not posting anything; once June comes, I think it will be safe for me to post. Also, I’m trying to lay off kpop posting–once I complete mammoth post on gay peoples in kpop, I’m going to take a break from kpop for a while.

However, there is a funnies/macro post in the works! I know that a lot of people enjoy that part of my blog the most, but it takes a long time to curate the best macros, because honestly, most of them are sort of lame.


SHINee’s Japanese Replay PV will be out on May 26th | 27th (Asia) @ 12pm KST through EMI Music Japan’s Youtube channel.

the single cover.

And if you click ahead, here’s a macro for your troubles:

Sorry, it’s the best I can do without ruining your appetite! Though I must say, everything is pretty accurate except for the mushroom. Taemin has never exclusively identified himself with mushrooms. You see, Minho says, “I’m Flaming Charisma Minho,” but Taemin doesn’t go, “Hi, I’m Mushroom-Hair Taemin.” Maybe a baby face would go better. Which would just be, well, Taemin’s natural face.


One thought on “small blog note on SHINee’s release of Japanese “Replay”

  1. Taemin is associated to mushroom because of his hair during their debut times (Replay / 누난너무 예뻐). It was a mushroom haircut.

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