[kpop/wtf] my initial impression of Kevin Woo from U-Kiss. it’s scary.

Kevin of U-Kiss


Courtesy of Urban Dictionary, uke is from the Japanese verb ‘ukeru’ (to receive), used in anime and manga for the bottom or passive male in a homosexual/yaoi/shounen-ai relationship.

First, let me calm any rabid fans who think I am implying Kevin is gay. As I have beaten to death in other previous posts, I don’t care about idols’ personal affairs, so Kevin can like boys or like girls, and whatever, it’s all good. Kevin can be gay or straight, but whether he is gay or straight, when I watched him in a variety show for the first time

I have never had this strong uke reaction towards any person, whether in kpop, in real life, or in fake life. Whether or not Kevin spends time being on the bottom (yes, I’m legal, and yes, in the manga reading world, it’s inevitable you stumble across BL), or he actually has the following characteristics, he exactly fits my imagining of an ideal uke– he has distinctly feminine facial features, a soft and pretty voice, is slender and delicate, and comes off as cute, shy, naive and unresisting.

I believe what sealed it for me was his spoken voice. It was just so rounded and conscious of being cute that I fall over every time I hear Kevin speak English. Given my predilection for SHINee, most people would ask why I do not think of Taemin as uke. Well, he does not have the voice– though it is young and faintly feminine, his voice is not slight and soft enough. Moreover, I think he is a bit too gangly to be ‘delicate.’ Also, if you ask me who would be the seme and uke in Jongkey pairing (my OTP), I can’t say. I can only say that Kevin is my OTU. One True Uke.

It’s my 2011 kpop epiphany.

It’s my 2011-so-stressed-from-finals-that-Michelle-read-238734-manga-and-Michelle-is-finally-going-delirious-and-imagining-random-boy-in-shounen-ai. No, seriously. If you’re willing to go new places for new laughs, and especially if you enjoy Perfect Girl Evolution, read Aitsu no Daihonmei, which has the same kind of exaggerated humor. I was reading this hilarious shounen-ai during the last stretch of finals, when everyone had mostly gone home. For about three nights, from a strange room at two in the morning, you could hear a nutty girl laughing her brains out.

When was I ever sane?! I miss those days.

my OTU! Squee

(Click to read more on my extra ramblings on ideal seme.)

Since then, I’ve done some thinking about which kpop idol could possibly be an ideal seme. Characteristics of a traditional seme include:

  • older, taller
  • stronger chin
  • masculine, muscled
  • protective
  • aggressive

Racking my small fangirl brains, I keep coming up with G-Dragon and TOP from Big Bang. G-Dragon has the dominating attitude, but not the ultra-masculine looks. TOP has the looks, but who are we kidding?! We all know that kid is secretly a big dork.


21 thoughts on “[kpop/wtf] my initial impression of Kevin Woo from U-Kiss. it’s scary.

  1. ooomg… i need to stop reading your blog…. your extracurricular interests (or maybe even curricular) sound too much like mine… its scary… o.O
    in regards to taemin, i think he is, he’s just not the kevin type of uke. plus, not every uke is the same. compare pico from boku no pico and hiroki from junjou romantica. biiigass difference. kevin is more like the elegant reserved uke and taemin is more like the naive clueless uke. and key is hiroki or shinobu.
    kill me now TT_TT

    • I read manga to relieve stress. especially during exam period, so now I haven’t been really reading anything and I’m a bit of an amateur (I know Junjou Romantica is one of the most recommended, but I just was like, ew, discard). LOL. yes, there are many types of uke. But if there was one uke to rule them all… Kevin would be my vote!!!!!! (sorry, can’t type, laughing too hard) hahahahaahahahahahahahha… sigh…

    • LOL. thanks for sharing! He is kind of floppy u.u

      well.. maybe I didn’t get my point across so clearly, but Kevin fits my ‘imagining’ of an ideal uke (especially from the vibe I get from him).. I highly doubt his actual personality is like that XD


  2. *sighs and shuffles away to hug jongyu* Q___Q But I agree, Taemin is no prototype of uke.

    Here’s the problem. I had watched Pops in Seoul first and then found out they were in U-Kiss. God, that just messed with my head so badly. XD Have you watched more of those episodes? Kevin always gets the girl part when they’re roleplaying!

    Another thing that screws with my brain. Kevin comes from the area I go to college in, and last year I met a guy whose voice sounds extremely close (if not exactly o_o) like Kevin’s. He’s even half-Korean, half-Japanese. I mentioned it to him awkwardly when I first met this guy, and he says I’m not the first person to have told him. XD I kept unconsciously calling him Kevin in my head for days. =__=

    • haha are you a Jongyu shipper? no, I only watched one episode because they were talking about SHINee.. aww, I’ve never met a guy like that; it doesn’t help that my college is all-women’s either … I’m running out of time to meet them while they’re still young T___T


      • Indeed, I am a jongyu shipper. jongkey is more my bff couple. :)

        XD Yeah, I have that channel on TV, so I used to watch it once a week when they were on, but then the MC changed and Alexander got kicked out of U-Kiss. :P Anyway, Kevin’s definitely always the girl. I’m not sure what show it was on, but I saw a clip where Kevin dressed up in a wig and something about comparing people from San Francisco and being prettier than Jessica? o.o

        Aw, that’s unfortunate. It’s okay, I want to get close to guys too, but I can never seem to, even as friends. XD

    • 1. Kevin likes girls, he just also likes pretending to be a girl. His crush is Sandara Park from 2ne1. He likes cute things, but that doesnt de-masculize him.
      2. He is fully Korean, but he was just born in California
      3. His personality is just really happy and he may be the “happy” kind of gay, but definitely not homosexual. Sure he has that “feminine” side sometimes, but I used to roleplay as a guy a lot, and Im a girl, but I was never lesbian. I just liked to act like someone I wasnt.
      Btw Im not a homophobe, but I can guarantee you he is not gay. Just look him up.

  3. does anyone know if he really is gay >o<??? cus cus cus Q.Q i want to marry him~~XDXD silly fantasies~~-o- kevin probably only likes girls oh well~~

    • Hes not gay tho. He likes Sandara Park and admits he doesnt really like guys, bc it would make the brotherhood in UKISS really awkward, and also bc he just doesnt like guys that way either…lol Im creepy. I just look up info about Kevin.

  4. kevin is the one who can take my impress among Kpop singers because of his very good english skill…I really like him…Wish your group to be most famous Kpop group in the world!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Guys, Kevin isnt gay. Js
    He roleplays as girls but that doesnt mean he is gay. It could just be for entertainment like this one time I saw some guy with painted nails and called him gay, then two weeks later I see him with a gf and he said he didnt like guys. Also, just because Kevin likes to be cute and likes cute things, doesnt make him gay either. Its stereotypical for guys to like cars, sports, action figures, etc., but thats sexist. He is just a male who likes cute things. Whats wrong with that? I used to like lots of guy stuff, like cars, football, call of duty, etc., but did that make me lesbian? No. I still liked guys, but I also liked being sorta tough. Kevin also said he has a crush on Sandara Park, and if he WAS gay, that would make the whole UKISS brotherhood really awkward.

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