[kpop] this time, an amazing shot of Key.

I once posted an amazing shot of Minho, that I believe, went beyond Minho’s general handsomeness, and his idol-trained smile. However, what drew me to Key’s photo in this month’s ELLE Girl Korea was the composition of colors and his pose. SHINee’s modelling is like all idol modelling–bland. Looking sultry at the camera, looking cool, smiling and looking fresh–that’s really all their repertoire consists of. Key’s posing and expression this time isn’t really that much of a departure, but again, the color of the dark pink against the worn sofa, and the soft whiteness, the tension built between his body and his jacket in that triangle–the photographer, the set manager, the stylist, the lighting director, are geniuses.

They all managed to create some tension in an otherwise pretty boy, run-of-the-mill photo.

However, I do not like the pink earring that they gave Key. Also, I would like to point out that this is indeed boy-candy fodder because girls obviously can’t really buy the clothes they’re wearing. They technically could, but that’s not the point.

Want to see the rest of the ELLE Girl scans? Here.


7 thoughts on “[kpop] this time, an amazing shot of Key.

    • thank you! it was very short analysis, if it was analysis at all. I was a little puzzled in responding because I was thinking, “What analysis?!” I’m not sure if you saw these two posts before: 1 and 2, but they are analyses of SHINee “Lucifer” concept photos that are more in-depth.

      I think I should be a little more clear.. though I LOVE the composition of the photograph, the shot in context is a total phailure. The post should be renamed, “an amazing shot, including Key.” Ha. That would be too mean. However, Key is marginalized (pushed to the side, cut out of the photograph, in the corner), and what actually draws our eye is the clothing, where the tension, as I mentioned before, is. So this photo would actually be a pretty good clothing ad, but since this shot was for ELLE Girl, and not for Esquire, it’s not meant to sell clothing. It’s meant to sell Key, not clothes, and thus, though it’s a beautiful photograph, its fails the overall purpose. It’s not a Key specific photo. It’s really easy to replace Key with someone else; for example, I can easily imagine Onew with his Juliette hair posing that way, or even scarier, Kevin from U-Kiss! <== more to come in later post -____-"

      as always, thank you for reading :)

      • Ah, thanks for clarifying! I guess I was too blinded by the gorgeous composition of the photo and my bias toward Key to notice that he could be replaced by another person without detracting from the feel of the photo itself… which I see now.

        I find it funny that you mention Kevin, because my friend is trying to get me into U-Kiss (and other groups besides SM ones) and Kevin stuck out to me… maybe because he dances to girl group songs. Anyway, another reason to anticipate your posts!

        Thanks for replying and sharing your analysis of the “Lucifer” concept photos, I’ll read those now. :)

        • kevin is also awesome cause i’ve visited his old school before!
          aka he’s from america and has damn good english (at least better than xander in my opinion).

          • … I know this is really random, but I recently learned that Taecyeon’s parents apparently live in Bedford, MA, and 2PM has done a concert at UMass.. I was like o.0 and “kpop peoples actually came to MA?!! WUT!!” and Nickhun is actually an American?!!



  1. do you have any comments on his pose and the just barely seemingly distortion(?) between his head and his body being squished to the left side?

    • hmm.. not really.. other than what I said before, the distortion and pose serve to marginalize Key, and the clothing is more accentuated.. I like the pose a lot, actually :)

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