[kpop] SHINee’s Japanese “Replay” teaser released! Rem Koolhaas & Britney Spears relate to this.. somehow..

Please click here to view, because embedding has been disabled. I watched it around five times (these teasers pass by so quickly! I have slow eyes), and these are the first questions that raced through my mind:

  1. What’s their concept?
    In the original Replay video, the dance stage was black with yellow theater lights– this time they went for this:
    Which then immediately reminded me of: 

    The clothes, the background. Yes, they are pumping their cute image again. Since this is SHINee’s first foray into Japan, and they already have built up a sizable repertoire, I suppose they wanted a conglomeration of SHINee style, so they mixed some of their similar concepts–Replay, Juliette, and Hello. Hello influence is more evident in the urban setting of the music video, and the smooth cinematography.
  2. Where did they film this?
    I was pretty sure it was Japan.

    Then, I had a moment of panic thinking that it was filmed in the West Kowloon cultural district in Hong Kong, which is yet to be built:

    If it was filmed in Hong Kong, I would have been so jealous! And I would never doubt the power of SM again (still a doubter). The new cultural center will be designed by Mr. Norman Foster, who designed the amazing-stupendous-this-is-why-I-bank-with-HSBC-flabbergasting HSBC building in Hong Kong. However, while accepting Mr. Norman Foster, Hong Kong turned down Mr. Rem Koolhaas, who had this amazing barcode concept for the M+ contemporary museum. Plus, Mr. Koolhaas is the ridiculous architect of the CCTV building in Beijing. Well, whatever Hong Kong chose, they’d be getting some serious architect love. $2.8 billion worth.

  3. When is Britney going to release her next single?
    Replay is just a repackage, tailored slightly for Japan and their new, more mature image. Therefore, I’m not that excited. I’m excited to see more of SHINee, but this theme has already been exhausted for me. So when is Britney going to release her music video for I Wanna Go?

another screenshot for your troubles! Also, this shot bothered me because that Mac is an older model. On a related note, Onew received at least 3 MacBook Airs from fans for his birthday.. ><""" I want one! Me! Me!


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