[kpop] reason #657 I despise hardcore fangirls

I absolutely despise the appellations, “Prince [insert male idol name here].

They are not fairytale princes. Come on. Um.

“Prince Johnny Depp.”

“Prince Robert Pattinson.” (Ew.)

“Prince Justin Bieber.” (You’ve got to admit, Bieliebers are at least as intense as kpop fangirls, if not more.)

SEE?! It doesn’t work! Now stop this cutesy abominable behavior now or Minho will pummel you. And I’ll stop posting on this blog. Which you don’t want to happen because the next few kpop articles will be about gay peoples in kpop (yes, I know. You’re thinking about Key, aren’t you?).


3 thoughts on “[kpop] reason #657 I despise hardcore fangirls

  1. I love these little tidbits, do you actually have 657 reasons? o_o

    I’m highly anticipating your next few articles, heh heh… (:

    (Key’s my bias. JONGKEY FOR THE WIN!)

    • Hmm.. I could probably churn them all out if I had the inclination.. But not worth brainpower that could be better spent sleeping..

      Yes, the next few kpop articles are rather reading/research intensive.. So they’re taking long to write T__T I ship Jongkey as well.. And I don’t ship unless I truly believe there’s something going on..

      Michelle ^^

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