If everything’s still on schedule, factoring in the natural disasters and subsequent fallout, SHINee is on track to debut in June (instead of previously slated March). Right now, their tracks are in the middle of being mastered.

I’ve been hearing some rumors of a Japanese Replay. Not cool. New music, please. And what about the fact that all five members studied Chinese before debuting? Where are these Chinese skills now?! Why ignore the one billion people market like so?!

Speaking of which, $125 million in combined earnings from JYP, SM, and YG for 2010 is kind of paltry.. I first thought they had gotten the number wrong, because Britney Spears, just one artist, had gross concert box office receipts of over $130 million in 2010, and makes around $64 million a year total. Therefore, I would think that SM with SNSD, Super Junior, DBSK, BoA–all artists fanatically popular in Asia–would at least match one Britney Spears.

UPDATE: new hairstyles

Jonghyun does not look too different (this was a picture from his surprise birthday party), so I don’t think it’ll be his final hairstyle. However, Onew and Minho have gone back to a somewhat Juliette look. People are saying that it doesn’t suit Minho, but actually, I like Minho as younger. He is always the bastion of SHINee manliness, so I think it’s refreshing, rather than a regression.

Taemin. They gave him a Jonghyun. YES FINALLY NO MORE UGLY MUSHROOM. Now he automatically looks more manly, which I am excited about. As I’ve said in so many fangirl rants, I get frustrated that SHINee always milks such a waifish image. I will have to hold judgment on Key.

I am sort of skeptical that Onew and Minho have their final hairstyles, because generally, SM is very secretive about this. Leading up to Lucifer, all of them were wearing baseball caps, and you can see the Key and Taemin pictures here are very, very blurry.

Apparently the rumored concept is of all the members as different artists– Taemin: dancer, Key: fashion designer, Onew: painter, Jonghyun: singer, Minho: athlete. They all make sense except for Onew. Why is Onew a painter? Er. If anyone’s shown an inclination to that, it would be Key with his art exhibition. Second question, why do they have to be artists? Can’t Onew be that nerd valedictorian in school? Considering how dorky Onew’s personality is already, and Japanese culture, I don’t think it would that much of a leap.. I for one, would probably fangirl Onew even harder.

Rejoice! Taemin may have finally graduated from mushroom/androgynous hair!


9 thoughts on “[kpop/rumor] quick SHINee Japan debut update –UPDATED WITH CONCEPT RUMORS & HAIR PICTURES! TAEMIN DOES NOT HAVE MUSHROOM!

  1. I was excited that Taemin’s mushroom was gone too! But is it possible he looks EVEN MORE FEMININE NOW?! What do you think? I think the short hair makes him look womanly. Not even girlie! Womanly!

    • true

      HA. I’m thinking middle-aged woman hairstyle! … and please don’t hit me, but as portrayed in American media, a rather butch hairstyle. At the same time, his face is so fresh and young -____-” I think Japan has a different culture of looks than Korea, even.. for example the concept of the androgynous bishounen. It sort of explains why androgynous Taemin was pushed to the front in their Japanese debut.

      But anyway, back to Taemin being even more feminine XD hmm.. I mentioned that it was like a butch hairstyle, so I still think though girly, he still looks more manly than his mushroom days. But don’t take my word for it! I watch more Japanese dramas than Korean dramas, so my sense of Japanese masculine style may be way off. sigh.

      thanks for reading!
      Michelle ^^

  2. I really like your honesty, you don’t hesitate to comment on how even JongHyun (who i read was your bias at one point) still needs to improve.
    I’m stalking this forever 8D!
    Also yes, Taemin has a butch hairstyle and makes it look girly!

    • :D I’m so glad! hahah. I’m so stuck between loyal fangirl & rational human. Fangirl: I wub you forever, Jjong! — Rational human: why is he making so many mistakes T___T


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  4. lolz turned out onew did no painting whatsoever. he just waved a stick and stared at some obviously premade clay sculpture

    • yah. the concept this time was half-baked. yet, apparently, SHINee is receiving lots of attention in Japanese media, maybe even rivaling SNSD, which is like T_____T because SHINee’s debut songs aren’t even original or well-remastered tracks! sigh.. I am kind of scared of a SHINee flop (relatively speaking, of course they’ll be popular, but will they be as popular as the hype says they will be?) //crosses fingers hoping their Japanese is much better than it seems right now


  5. I can quite put my finger on it but there is something strange with Taemin in the Japanese Replay vid. I mean, he doesn’t look like himself. Did he put on weight? Is it the makeup? Did he get Botox?

    The only time there is a semblance of the actual Taemin is during the last minute of the video.

    Ironically, long hair/extensions circa Lucifer somehow made him look much manlier.

    At least his hair colour here suits him. The blonde that he has now makes him look washed out.

    • people have said that he did gain weight, and some have even speculated about (gasp) plastic surgery, but I think the pasty-tan makeup was the culprit that made him look a bit off.

      I totally agree about the ‘Lucifer’ hair T___T though unsuspecting people would probably think he is a girl!

      thanks for reading & commenting!

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