[Tech/blog] unwanted ads are showing up on theinnocentlam! how to avoid seeing them

I was just stalking my own blog, because my post on the Blush pan-Asian girl group has been getting a lot of views lately. Then. I saw it. There was a video ad for some sort of cruise which has since disappeared and this further thing:

I know, you saw the 34 Facebook likes before you saw the ads. Unless it’s ads for things that I actually recommend people to buy, I decided never to use advertising on theinnocentlam. Silly me, I thought that free WordPress accounts were ad-free, so someone malicious must have hacked into my site coding.

So, while panicking, I took a gander at Terms of Service, and clicked around. WordPress DOES place ads on its free sites but in a way that “does not intrude, and does not show ads to logged-in readers.” They claim that a majority of my readers will never see a single one. Additionally, if I wanted to make my blog entirely ad-free, I would have to purchase a $29.97 package per year. What?!

I understand that WordPress does need to make monies, but honestly, I would not like my readers subjected to these ads. Really, we don’t need to go on a cruise or know what to do in Paris, we need to see SHINee live in concert and make Jonghyun sing at our weddings and graduations. So how do you avoid these irrelevant advertisements? Here are some options:

  1. Log into your WordPress account when viewing theinnocentlam. As WordPress said, you will never see ads as a logged-in user.
  2. Use Chrome. Install Adblock or Adblock Plus for Google Chrome. This is what I primarily use for blocking ads, since I use the Chrome browser the most.
  3. Use Firefox. Install Adblock Plus. This is the most powerful adblocker out there, it even blocks Hulu advertisements!

How about Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer? The adblocker I use for Opera (the extension and the built-in feature) does not work for me–in fact, using Opera to view WordPress was how I discovered the ads. Safari is just pretty. Internet Explorer? Isn’t that what you use to download Chrome?


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