[kpop] G-Dragon finally confesses he’s attracted to TOP. Further confirmation that G-Dragon is just too adorable.


On April 19th, Big Bang appeared on a radio show, and DJ Park So Hyun asked, “which of Big Bang’s members has the most homme fatal appeal?”

Wait, what is a homme fatal, exactly? Adapted from Urban Dictionary:

A man with both intelligence and sex appeal that uses these skills to manipulate poor helpless women into doing what he wants. May cause death.

G-Dragon immediately nominated TOP, saying, “I almost fell in love with TOP. There are times when I was joking with TOP in the car, and I felt attracted to him.. if I were a girl I would ask to be in a relationship with him on the spot. That’s how much he influences me.”

The GD&TOP shippers must be falling over their feet right now. It’s been floating in the VIP fandom for a while that G-Dragon is gay, or at least bisexual. I wouldn’t jump the gun, because kpop encourages a lot of bromance to keep fangirls salivating. Well, whatever he is, G-Dragon is flat-out adorable. Evidence? His latest Bean Pole commercial:

This kid just makes me smile. Then he sort of frightens me when he goes into Heartbreaker mode…



23 thoughts on “[kpop] G-Dragon finally confesses he’s attracted to TOP. Further confirmation that G-Dragon is just too adorable.

  1. how amazing! x factor and kpop in one. that’s joe mcelderry’s song “ambitions” used as background music for that bean pole CF! lol (mcelderry is the 2009 x factor winner in UK)

  2. this is really random, but the glitching on this page is unbelievable. the G&D/TOP photo is smushed right next to the quote, which blends into the bottom paragraph. also, because of that smush-ness, half is stuck under/over your side bar, which then blurs(?) out your all links as well as the top right corner of that bottom paragraph.
    i think you need to fix this page a little to make it readable? sorry

      • herm.. must be a recent design anomaly effected by WordPress. I haven’t changed anything for around two months. Okay, I just fixed it. It looks all right on Opera! Thanks for letting me know.

  3. In some Korean drama parodies, they were shown kissing each other (because one of them was portrayed as a girl character). But they are definitely NOT gay!!! I mean you have to follow what’s on the script right?

  4. on that radio show ur talking about gd meant if he was a girl he would fall in love with him not that he is in love with him hes not gay for god sake !

    • I’m sorry if I insinuated that GD is gay! I just wanted to say GD thinks TOP is rather attractive, that he has a lot of charisma? (: nothing wrong with that, right? nothing wrong with bromance, right???

      thanks for stopping by!

  5. So what if he thinks top is attractive, doesn’t mean he’s, some of you guys in the comments are jumping to conclusions, a guy should be able to compliment another guy without it being gay, plus there is a thing called bromance, man crush, where you really admire someone of the same sex but its strictily platonic, nothing sexual, i think g dragon and top have this cute bromantic friendship but nothing more and maybe a bit of a man crush as well but that’s all, but so what if they were gay, i wouldn’t care, i’d still love them just the same and if your their real fan, you accept them for who they are

  6. tal vez solo sea bisexual o haetero dudoso ya que se sintió atraído hacia un chico aun así lo considero el mejor

  7. I’d like to say that no matter what gay or not, if you were a true vip you’d stand by them through ALL. It shouldn’t matter if they’re really gay or not they can still be your imaginary bf or husband or ur bestfriend or whatever. they don’t know u anyway. and u don’t know them. so u shouldnt get all shit faced off this like, i’m sure it warms their heart that u wanna know if they are gay or something, anything but dont get mad if they are. it’s not like u hateraders can do anything about it.

  8. Well to make it clear G-Dragon is pansexual really cuz he know how a girl n a guy feels at the same time cuz dame he is so cute ill kiss him even if im str8 but gender is really what he dosent look at its the person inside that counts and its a heart to heart thing.

  9. is top in a relationship with shin mina oh my god she is sooo beautiful I see her in gumiho n ck jeans and she is so so beautiful love her dimple smile z most n I found on Internet she is in z 2 place with z most beautiful face in korea any how am a fun of top

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