[photography/politics] some of the best photos from the White House 2011

Pete Souza has a dream job, taking photos of the President and his activities. His photos are simply stunning; the quality and composition are painstakingly thought out, trying to show us a side of the President and his consuming duties that we may not think about. Souza is extremely effective at portraying Obama as a human being—for every security briefing we see a photo of, we see pictures of Obama playing basketball, reading books to children, and laughing.

President Barack Obama laughs during a meeting in the Oval Office, Jan. 24, 2011. / Lincoln is in the background. Not an accident. This photo blew me away.

President Barack Obama greets Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Colonnade prior to their meeting in the Oval Office, March 2, 2011. / Can you say symbolization? Secretary of State is on the outside, President is inside.

President Barack Obama reads from his book, "Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters," during a visit by Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and his family to the Oval Office, March 2, 2011. / I have a favorite justice. So kill me. Can you name all the justices sitting on the Supreme Court right now?

President Barack Obama stands by a cut-out picture of First Lady Michelle Obama during a visit to Miami Central High School in Miami, Fla., March 4, 2011. / I love Obamas sense of humor! Trout.

Want to see more? Official White House flickr photostream.


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