[kpop] reason #58 I despise hardcore fangirls

I was checking my Twitter, and someone posted pictures of so-and-so kpop star out and about in the streets, in the bookstore, at night, etc.

Then I scrolled down to the comments, and they all had the same variation of,

Oppa! Why are you out walking alone? It’s dangerous, someone could kidnap you! Maybe I should kidnap you and put you in my room for safe keeping, kekeke!

Umm.. what’s the most disturbing is that was the first comment that popped into their heads. Not, “I wonder what they bought at the bookstore” or “where is he going now?” or “how does he have time to hang out by himself when he has a busy idol schedule?!”. There was even one person who said, “Let noona walk you home! [insert dirty euphemism here].”

That is so uncool.

though SM does conveniently put these images out there.. wait. SM. SADOMASOCHISM?! I knew there was something fishy...


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