[kpop] SHINee’s height, weight, shoe sizes, education.

***updated: 19 May 2012***

***DISCLAIMER: when I say ‘updated’, I just mean I added new information, like most recently, their shoe sizes. Moreover, the weight statistic is from around debut period (2008), and since they were just teens back then, they probably have gotten heavier since then. However, I must point out that the Asian male body type is thin compared to the Western male body type in general.***


Taemin: 177 cm or 5’9.7″
Onew: 177 cm or 5’9.7″
Jonghyun: 173 cm or 5’8.1″
Minho: 186 cm or 6’1.2″
Key: 179 cm or 5’10.5″


Taemin: 53 kg or 116 lb
Onew: 61 kg or 134.5 lb
Jonghyun: 56 kg or 123.5 lb
Minho: 60 kg or 132 lb
Key: 59 kg or 130 lb


Taemin250 cm or 7 
260 cm or 8
265 cm or 8.5
260 cm or 8
265 cm or 8.5


Taemin: left Chung Dam High School for a performing arts school that will better accomodate his schedule
Onew: Chungwoon University, major: broadcasting music
Jonghyun: has taken the University Entrance Exam, not enrolled in a university
Minho: Konkuk University, major: film
Key: will study in Myungji University: music in 2012

These statistics are a little scary. The average American male at age 18 is 5’9″ and weighs 140 lb. Of course, we are somewhat comparing apples to pears; Asian males traditionally have more slender builds.

The BMI index places Minho and Taemin as underweight. Some people are naturally skinny, but I think Minho and Taemin can put a little more weight on; it would add, rather than detract, to their appearances. One huge part of SHINee’s androgynous and girly image are their waifish, slight figures.

And why is Jonghyun not entering university?! He apparently has the least busy schedule out of all the SHINee members, too. However, it is good to know that he is not as short as I originally thought he was, the way the other members tease him about it.

All very interesting to think about. Very much so. Now, go outside and play. It’s beautiful outside.

source: SHINee’s official Japanese website


92 thoughts on “[kpop] SHINee’s height, weight, shoe sizes, education.

  1. This is really interesting – I can tell that these guys are super skinny, but underweight, too? I almost can’t believe that SM would allow that, if not for the fan girls who appreciate their slim builds.

    By the way, where did you find Key’s height statistic? I know that he’s probably grown since his pre-debut height of 177cm, but he doesn’t look like 180. o_o Maybe it’s the insoles…

      • SNSD and SHINee are different groups, made up of different people.. so one does not necessarily imply the other.. I mean.. look at SuJu, they have Shindong and they also have very muscular members (SHINee = zip).. and really, SM loves to hit all the bases to get maximum fan coverage, so I’m always wondering, why doesn’t SM get at least one member to abandon their girly flower boy image (sorry, Minho flamers, he’s still flower boy)?

        also, as I said before, I’m sort of skeptical on the BMI because it’s developed for more a Western type body (generally bigger).

        • In my opinion the mostmasculine out of all of them would be:
          and can’t decide who comes after Onew between Key and Taemin.

          But this is just my opinion so it deosn’t need to be accounted for.

          • What, exactly, is “masculine”? If you mean “strong”, strength comes in many forms, but I think most would include strength of character, beliefs, and toward the achievement of goals. Taemin’s endless acts of kindness towards others and his gentle temperament that recognizes its own abilities that he would never use against weaker or more needy people, make him among the most “masculine” people I know. His physique and body type are irrelevant.

            He’s a real man, and I would be proud to have him as a trusted and devoted friend.

    • hey is not realy because they sing very fine and look so good….and the choice belong SM….and please no comment:-$

    • There’s an ASIAN BMI chart, released by some Harvard related medical center. They are NOT underweight! My dad was the same height as Minho (6′) when he got married to my mom, but he weighed only 135 pounds…my mom’s dad/Grandpa was a western Medical Doctor i.e. MD but never once did anyone who saw or knew my dad ever said he was underweight. The slenderness is due to less muscle mass held by asian populations including southeast asia and asian Indian. It’s genetic yo!

  2. “10A: Key, you seem to have grown a lot taller during the past few months despite your busy schedule. What’s your secret?
    Onew: He had a hard time having to grow while leading a busy schedule. (Laughs)
    Key: I had stayed the same height for about a year and a half after I debuted but I’ve been hearing that a lot these days. I don’t know what I did, I guess it’s just time to.
    Jonghyun: Seriously, what’s the secret?
    Key: Maybe because I eat a lot? Or eat well? It may also do with my staying in a good mood all the time.”

    ^ http://myshawolsjjang.blogspot.com/2011/01/infoshinee-interview-with-10asia.html
    honestly, this was all lately floating around tumblr universe :P but 3cm I think is believable to grow, or at least have insoles u.u

    well, remember to take BMI with grain of salt. I was ‘underweight’ a few years ago, and I am definitely NOT >___> I find it mortifying I’m 54kg, and 4in shorter than Taemin, who is still lighter by 1kg. I am sure they are all healthy, because healthy idols earn more than sick idols.. for example, they are taking good care of Jonghyun since his surgery, he hasn’t been anywhere for a long while (like the recent SM @Stanford event).

    did you hear about the SNSD 800 calories a day scandal?
    (1) http://www.allkpop.com/2009/12/snsd_each_eat_only_800_calories_a_day
    (2) http://www.allkpop.com/2010/02/snsd-eats-more-than-800-calories

    in some sense, it is true, the strict rules, but I think they eat a lot.. how could they not? They burn much more energy, so they naturally need more food (cough Michael Phelps).


    • lol the 800 calory diet made me crack up, snsd said it’s nonsense and they spend more money on food than freaking Suju does XD

  3. I feel ashamed knowing Taemin is 1 kg heavier than me… If that even makes a difference.

    • You feel ashamed ? :D
      I mean I’m 16 1,70 m tall and my weight is 68kg
      I’m feeling really ashamed because he’s so much Thinner than me
      maybe if I where an Asian instead of a German
      My body or my eat habits would be diffrent.
      Damn Why couldn’t their be Guys like them here in Germany that’s not fair :D

      • You guys are complaining!?! You don’t even sound fat…..It sucks for me because I’m Abnormal :(

        1.I weigh just on 60kg (well last time I checked i did)
        2.I am taller than the average 16 year old girl (height ranging from 5ft ‘9 to 6ft ‘1)
        3.They have smaller feet than me…well i’m not sure about theshoe sizes in Korea but you know looking at the you’d assum tehir shoe sizes were pretty samll (My size shoe ranging from size 10-12 in women & 8-10 in men)

        WoWW!! Wouldn’t it suck to be ABNORMAL ME!!

        • ah you’re fine. as long as your doctor doesn’t waggle his eyebrows, I wouldn’t worry about it :)

          thanks for stopping by.

          • i’ve feel like Sungjong’s filled out more, especially since now he’s considerably taller than debut (2010). but his body type is naturally more slender than even taemin’s anyways.

      • same here, feeling very ashamed… but atleast the shoe size is the same haha (i came from germany too haha) but anyway, i wish i had a nice a figure as all of them… T.T

    • don’t feel ashamed t__t people’s bodies are all different, and as long as your doctor says you are healthy, please don’t think too much of it (: I am sure you are fine. Eat healthy!


    • perhaps. the weight stats were taken early in debut, so they could have grown in weight. The height stats are more current, so that would result in an underweight measurement. Also, the BMI is according to Western bodies.

      thanks for stopping by!

  4. Indeed, but who cares if they are underweight.. It depends on the person, not the weight or height. Everyone is unique, and I don’t care about them being underweight because, I enjoy their music talents and personalities. Personally, they’re not the only underweight people in the world. But that’s my opinion, and I like slender people. Just saying. Maybe they are underweight because they take care of their bodies. Like workout. Let’s not judge people by education either. We don’t decide, they do.

    • I think fans such as Sujinah care about it or are (somewhat) upset about it because it is South Korean entertainment industry.. or any Westernized entertainment industry, where thinner is seen as better, and of course, many fans are worried about their health.. we’ve already seen ample evidence of SHINee being overworked, so though as you pointed out, ‘everyone is unique’ and I wrote above that Asians naturally have different builds, there are valid points for concern as well.

      XD but right on for education.. -___-” but I must say, it’s puzzled me exceedingly that Jonghyun has not enrolled, because South Korea is craaazy about education, and I actually think he would benefit from going to a conservatory (or is that too hardcore for his idol life TT__TT).

      thanks for reading and commenting ^.^

    • I totally agree with you.
      But sometimes when I see interviews or something from them and they look akward skinny , it’s just scary and i liked to go to mc donalds with them or something like this .
      But Actually on pictures or in their Mv they look awesome , and it’s Usually for Korean, japanese , Tawanaise etc. too be thin it isn’t a big deal there
      So everyone who’s from another country don’t Talk about how skinny there are its just how they are like the other said their are unique.
      for example I’m from Germany I’ve diffrent eat habits too so
      my body is diffrent then theirs.
      either I wish too be a little bit thinner like them :****

      *And I’m so sorry for my horrible english , but we don’t use it often here in Germnay ;***

  5. These are some interesting stats. While I know some people may be concerned about them being underweight according to BMI, please consider something. The BMI scale currently in use was created not by a doctor, but by a mathematician (http://www.maa.org/devlin/devlin_05_09.html). It does not take things like bone structure, bone density, physical activity or race into account, which all make a bog difference in whether or not a person is overweight, underweight or just fine.

    Personally, while those stats may seem a little alarming at first glance, consider that these boys are very physically active, have very busy lives, and are probably on average more physically fit than at least half of their fans. Do I think they were purposely kept thin to meet a certain concept in the past? Yes. Absolutely. I think we all remember the stories about their “diet” during Juliette promotions, when they wore super-skinny jeans in every performance. However, as the group as a whole ages and becomes more mature, the company is leaning toward more mature concepts, meaning they can not worry so much about finally gaining a bit more muscle and (heaven forbid) a little bit of healthy fat.

    I honestly hope that their weight really is the biggest of their worries, considering all the other rumors that go around the industry in general and SME in particular.

    • thank you for your insight :) :) that is interesting that it was developed by a mathematician.. as a budding-economist, I’d have to say that some models are useful for some things, for other things, not so much..

      I echo your sentiment, I really hope their health is at the forefront, because everything follows after that~~


    • FYI: The scales that are used by doctors for all sorts of things are often created by actuaries for insurance companies. That makes them incredibly accurate, so long as they are used so that their meaning is understood.

      But I was told in med school that the best way to find out if someone is overweight is to look at them. Taemin says he never snacks, he has stopped carrying candy everywhere, and he seems to have a lot of control over his own diet. Yes, he is thin, but I think we have also gotten so used to seeing fat people all the time that anyone built like him would look “too skinny”, anyway. I think he’s fine the way he is.

  6. Why do we even care what their BMI’s are? Who cares if they are underweight, if they had a problem with it themselves they would change it and weight varies all the time. They all seem healthy, and if you watch ‘Hello Baby’ you definitely see they all have a healthy appetite!
    Their music is great, and they enjoy making it! That’s what matters!

    • but then the argument goes, DO they have control of their own weight? It’s not really that simple to say, “oh yeah, I’m at an unhealthy weight now, I should eat more”.. well.. as to the healthy appetites, having healthy appetites in Asian culture is really positive, so.. Hello Baby is ‘reality tv’, so you should really take everything with a grain of salt.

      thanks for reading and commenting!

    • They’re fine, and they seem to enjoy their meals all right. We should give them enough credit for intelligence that they can take care of themselves. Neither they themselves nor SM want them sick. I suspect that everyone is doing the right thing with regard to their health.

  7. Everyone talk so much about Minho beeing really tall… But compared to the guys I know, he is mid-height or short… People are tall where I’m from, but still…

  8. oh yay, so Key is finally going to college next year? That’s good! :D

    And his major.. hmm, I am surprised that he didn’t pick design or fashion to be honest, haha.

    • me too! I’m surprised about that too.. I find idols’ majors all very softcore.. why do none of them do economics. or math. t__t there must be a nerd somewhere.


  9. Oh my gosh, I’m heavier than Taemin & Jonghyun & also I’m a lot shorter than them…Gosh…this mean that I must worker harder on losing weight because they are a little bit lighter than me………………………………………………..(silent)……………………………(disappointment)..=[

    • no! I wouldn’t say that! I’m assuming by your name that you are a girl, and so you definitely do not have the same body type as they do! What may be fine for you might be totally different for them. So I wouldn’t compare yourself to them :) Only a qualified physician can tell you that you are overweight and need to lose weight. However, I am totally rooting for you to eat healthy and exercise! Everyone should do that, not just to lose weight.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Don’t worry! I weigh the same an Minho and he’s 186cm and I’m 166cm! He’s 20cm taller than me and is the same weight as me! That kind of makes me a teeny bit embarrassed but oh well :P I’m not skinny or chubby. It does make me want to lose a couple of pounds though!

  10. did you update their education or their health stats? either way, this is rather… aw embarassing…. im heavier and shorter than all of them by a couple kg and cm. *whoot* =.=

  11. q lindos son los shinee …………….no podria dicir cual es mas lindo por q todos son lindos loa amo!!!!!!! los deseo buena suerte en todo ….xD……N_n)))))))))///////(suerte shinee).

  12. Okay, so.
    I’m at 179 cm, and I weigh around 60,9 – 63,4 kg(yes, it differs really drastically).
    And I’m a girl. This alone proves that western people have a different build than Asians.
    I mean, imagine an Asian girl at 179 cm…there are not exactly many, whilst where I live, I’m still one of the taller girls around, but I’m by far not THE tallest.
    BMI says I’m underweight whenever I go under a weight of 60,9 kg.
    But my doc says differently.
    He had me tested on this a few years back, but I haven’t grown anymore since then. He did it cause my mother was concerned about me being underweight, since I’m naturally skinny.
    So he took some tests…and when he was done he showed us a statistic with a curve showing my ideal weight, a cure showing my border to ovrweight and one showing my border to underweight. And then a red one showing what I’ve really been weighing throughout the years he took my measures.
    I wasn’t even close to underweight. Would’ve been weird anyway cause I eat way more than many of my more corpulent friends.
    So yeah, BMI doesn’t apply to everyone.
    Still, I think for males, Asians or not, they’re pretty skinny.
    I have asked an Asian friend of mine and really, that friend is something you’d call skinny, too. And even he, at his 180 cm, weighs much more than Minho. And he IS Asian.

  13. Jonghyun is not entering university anywhere?!!! THis just looks ridiculous to me…. Whether it’s his own decision or not, SM should ALWAYS ENCOURAGE HIM to go to school!!! What the…. I feel so bad… WHY?!
    Considering the weight, I don’t concern about it that much. In Asia the BMI standart is different, just like in Britain it’s also different. I know that usually a normal BMI would be 18 – 22, but in Britain it’s 20 – 24 (obesity problems anyone?)
    So just like the BMI in Britain is altered a bit, in Asia the BMI is somehow, not officially, yet still commonly believed to be, altered. An average young Asian would think 16 – 20 is normal – I have friends whining about their “obesity” when I feel like they are as skinny as chopsticks… But not that 20 – 22 would be really considered “fat” – it’s just the beauty standard in Asia.
    I have BMI 20 something? As an Asian, I have to say (don’t punch me in the face lol), I feel very fat. While all my Americans think I am crazy for thinking that way, dude, I can’t even find my size of pants in normal fasion store back home. It’s just…. sad…
    So yeah~

    • lol. feel your pain. I am a few sizes too big in Asian countries. But I am taller.. so I take (some) solace in that. I fluctuate between 18-20.

      Right? But I feel like Jonghyun wouldn’t want to go to uni anyway :P he’s just not that type of guy..


    • The ideal BMI, the standard that people should be striving for (and the BMI is not the best measure by any means) has nothing whatsoever to do with the “standard of beauty” but is a figure calculated by insurance actuaries (who don’t assume anything and work only with provable facts that affect the bottom line) to predict the average lifespan from different BMI indices. It’s a health number, not a beauty one, though it can certainly differ among populations.

  14. O_O I’m as tall as Minho….But they all weigh so little…I feel a little fat now almost ^_^;;

  15. I’m not soooo concerned bout my weight. anyway i’m only 10. but a big fan of Shinee and K-Pop stars :)

  16. i am 170cm and weigh 74 kilos..i am obese in asian standards. i am in the 18-20 yr old range. and have a euro shoe-size of 38, which is about a size 6.5.

    • I am your height, and I am Asian, I weigh 120lb, but when you compare me to other Asian girls, it’s kind of sad. I have friends who are taller than me who weigh 100lb. They don’t look unhealthy or frighteningly skinny either.

      thank you for sharing!

  17. Jonghyun, 56 kg? Wow, doesn’t seem quite right. I mean, he’s super muscular. I know he’s short, but still. And Onew, heavier than Minho? WHAT?

    • lol, Onew is a bit bulky. keep in mind, their weights could have changed since then. They probably have gotten heavier as they have grown. Please read the disclaimer I just added at the top!

      thanks for stopping by. ^^~

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  19. I bet JongHyun now weight a lot more, cause of muscle develop. The others should also weight more. They structure is different now that time has passed by, and I also believe the other has more muscle too.

    I don’t actually believe when their profiles said their weight or height is this or that. It would be awesome if someone can really tell us about their truth height and weight.

    Thanks a lot for the information, though :). I agreed with you. TaeMin and MinHo definitely need to put on more weight.
    I’ll should prepare a good “cazuela” for them haha xD.


    I attached the link to the cazuela dish for our boys hahaha xD! (Sorry about that, I got carried away).

  20. Sorry I’m so late but I heard that Taemin eats the most in Shinee and that he eats midnight snacks. There are people who eat a lot yet they dont gain much weight (theyre so lucky) I think Taemin’s not doing any diet but hes naturally skinny.I wish I was like him :(

  21. Excuse me but I think the length of their feet should be measured in mm cause a normal ruler is already about 15 cm

  22. Well this is one of the times I love/hate I’m Greek. I’m 1,65 cm tall and I weigh 58kg. Meaning I’m a bit more than thin, but not fat. I have the mediterranean body type. It’s a good thing that Greek people are kind’a shorter than…idk…. Germans, but the diet here is not that good. How am I supposed to lose weight…? Grrr…
    But what you said above is true. The BMI is not accurate for all body types and they have probably gained weight/height since their debut. As an artist I find beauty in skinny ppl (I love drawing bone structures and sharp body edges…) so I can’t really say if I do find minho and taemin too skinny. I love their bodies (even tho my bias is Jjong ~ I have a thing for symmetrical faces) and if it’s for health reasons, I don’t find it unhealthy. I mean, many of my friends are underweight and eat a lot (yeah, I know, so jealous!!!) and are healthy and they are not like, anorexic-ally or towards-anorexic skinny, just skinny. It’s the asian skinny I guess. So, my point is, I don’t think it’s that serious (although as I explained I can’t judge perfectly since my POV is a bit different) for them to be underweight.
    PS: Lol Jonghyun is not going to a uni huh? I can see him being too lazy to even go take the entrance exams! Kyota~ Still, I think he will get into a Uni later. Just not now. Jjong hwaiting!

    • I wouldn’t worry about it. Isn’t Greek food healthy? It might not be the best food to make you slimmer, but being healthy is better than being skinny.

      ah, I differ with you there, I doubt Jonghyun is ever going to university. There’s really nothing he can learn. He could try going to a specialty music school, like Berklee. But a South Korean one, of course. I don’t imagine he’d go overseas.

      Thanks for stopping by! Mmm now you made me crave Greek food,

  23. oh ya what happen to JonHyun
    he had a surgery………!!!!!!!!!!!
    omg when was that..
    im so slow finding things out :(

  24. i know he’s sooooooooo cute….
    i LUV minho as well….. i haven’t finished…… to the beautiful u….
    is it good?

  25. Dude, they’re like the same size as me weight and shoe-wise. (Jjong mainly. Dang Taemin is so tiny) (except I’m really short) we could share shoes and clothes LOL!
    I’m a tiny bit jealous though because I run long distances and eat very small meals to stay at my size and I bet they are naturally like that. =(

  26. Minho 186cm??? It’s rather joke…compare him to Lee Minho and Choi Daniel, who are really 186 cm…Minho is not higher than 181cm…

  27. I’m so slender :3~
    Jonghyun skinnier the skinnier then key… But his muscles make him top XD

  28. I sort of hope that Taemin decides to go to college, too. He didn’t mention it at or after his high school graduation (too bad he missed the ceremony while in Paris, too, since he really regrets all the things he missed out on in HS, like field trips, because SM took him at those times so he didn’t go with his classes). Tae isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box school-wise, and maybe he won’t. But I think everyone should get more education by some method.

    I strongly suspect that, unlike his hyungdol, he may want to get his army service out of the way so he can get to that ideal married-with-kids state that he dreams about. The poor guy looked really sad recently when he found out Naeun couldn’t cook – that fantasy is detailed and includes the smell of breakfast and “Honey! It’s time to get up!” He’s so sweet, and such an idiot. I love him to pieces.

  29. Wooh I’m a girl and I’m 50 kgs. After reading this I think that I should lose some weight now ㅠ.ㅠ

  30. I’m 172-173cm and weigh 58-59kg ..I’m neither fat nor a stick ..well some people even say I’m skinny but I don’t think I am lol I wanna lose a few more kilos ..I know that asian people are more slim built but snsd weights still seem a little unrealistic to me..and kpop weights in general ..I mean look at all those idols..almost all of them have perfect,trained,beautiful bodies but according to their weights they are anorexic which certainly is not true bcuz as far as I know anorexic people don’t look beautiful…it’s a disorder after all..well I think that weights written on their profiles are not true..some may be true but I highly doubt someone can be 170cm , 45kg and still look healthy and gorgeous..what do you guys think about it?..
    P.S I’m a non-native english speaker so don’t diss my english skills yo..lol XD

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