[kpop] so I have a signed SHINee Lucifer album now.

This post has been a long time coming, because I’ve actually had it for two months now. Lucifer is currently sitting on my bookshelf at home; I actually shoved it under the bed when I got it.. and did not remove it until the last day I was at home for winter break. Why? I was pretty embarrassed at my fangirlyness at actually spending monies to get something like this. I couldn’t even tell my mom what the package was.

People who know me say I’m a definite SHINee Stan, and a major kpop addict.. while on this blog I vehemently decry such descriptions. It depends, I think a big part of being a Stan is spending obsessive amounts of time on the fandom, and you don’t see me doing Photoshop edits on tumblr, do you? Well, I changed my Facebook profile picture to me holding the Jonghyun signature, and then changed it back to a gelato within a week. The gelato has been my profile picture for probably 3 months running (nonconsecutive). So, I probably am more of a Grom Stan rather than SHINee Stan. Right.

Was buying it worth it? When I first looked at it, I was just blown away that all five of them touched it. Silly, but that was the fangirl talking. Then I looked at the album, very pretty artwork, one of the best, artistically, kpop concepts of 2010. Then, after the first initial glow, I just stuffed it back under the bed. Verdict: It was somewhat worth it. It may be the ‘closest’ I ever get to SHINee, and it’s a good memento, but really, it hasn’t made my life better knowing I have something SHINee touched. Rather, it’s sort of depressing, because it’s a testament to my fangirlyness.

Enjoy! I didn’t take pictures of all the pages, but all the signed pages, definitely.


6 thoughts on “[kpop] so I have a signed SHINee Lucifer album now.

  1. I totally empathize with you here. At least you’re self-aware in your fangirling and you’re not totally overdoing it (i.e., structuring your life around them, writing fan letters in blood, etc.)

    “When I first looked at it, I was just blown away that all five of them touched it.”

    ^This made me smile, because I know I’d feel the exact same way. (:

    • eBay! Though the name of the seller escapes me. They are based in China/Singapore, and they have a top-rated seller ranking (otherwise I would never buy it, because then that would be too sketchy for an authentic item). I believe they have the most SHINee autographed items. They even told me that they don’t list everything, so if there’s something I wanted, I should ask (<— temptation avoided!).


  2. just curious, how do you tell if the signatures are real or if they are just part of the album artwork? (and the signature on onew’s photo is messy xD)

    • Up close, it’s like telling apart a pen signature on a printed page (very obvious). Also, if there’s any doubt, one can look up scans of the album sans signatures. It’s highly likely that they create these albums specifically so that each member will have a place to sign—i.e. their photo + huge place to be sloppy with signing!


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