[kpop] three reasons why kpop loves groups

Click to enlarge. I apologize for (a) bad handwriting (b) bad drawing (c) bad handwriting. Give me some slack. Still a kindergartner.

Because I was in an utter state of depression when I wrote the last few tiny words, if you couldn’t read it, it says:

∴ (therefore) kpop groups are brilliant.

After I scanned this, I realized I forgot to list Lee Hyori as a wildly popular solo artist. However, it’s a testament to how much her comeback failed because I couldn’t remember it at all.

Update 28 Feb 2011: I forgot U-Kiss as well for the group category! (This just shows how horrible of a kpop fangirl I am.) Thank you, akim_piro!


7 thoughts on “[kpop] three reasons why kpop loves groups

  1. what!!no u-kiss??!!just kidding..i like your blog a lot..just found it today..i love how you combine kpop,politics and of course Lady Gaga in one place..

    • thank you so much! life is rather one-sided if all you think about is kpop :)

      hah, yes, U-Kiss should be included as well. You can tell by this blog I’m a major SHINee stan, and because I don’t live in a country with a strong kpop following, I always forget that other groups exist .___. like how I forgot Lee Hyori for solo artists. Fail.

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