[kpop] Jonghyun had surgery on his leg. UGH IDIOT FANGIRLS

My heart fell a little when I read this, because Jonghyun received this injury in the Jakarta airport in October 2010 when overzealous fans rushed them. Key got injured as well, but he was fine after awhile. However, Jonghyun was unable to dance in SHINee promotions, resulting in a surgery on the 17th of January.

S.M. Entertainment stated, “Jonghyun received surgery on the 17th, and it concluded safely. He’s currently in good condition.”

shame on you, you made Jjong cry!


3 thoughts on “[kpop] Jonghyun had surgery on his leg. UGH IDIOT FANGIRLS

  1. and yes cause of those idiots out there, those fake shawols who think that by injuring him’ll make him their boyfriend, i miss jonghyun like crazy, i miss seeing him dance and jump around on stage. and that surgery? must have hurt like crazy. updates have been on SHINee-jonghyun = NOT shinee.. </3

    • from recent pictures, he looks like he’s recuperating nicely :D March will be SHINee debut in Japan, so he’ll be on tip-top shape then.

      >< it's just one step from hurting Jjong's leg and then injuring him so seriously he won't be able to perform.. so scary

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