[kpop] New Asian girl group, ‘Blush,’ to have Filipino, Indian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese members! FLAGRANT DIVERSITY! YES!

Really, when I read the news, I was excited. Like ^o^ excited. I am never ^o^ excited. I am rarely ^^, so ^o^ is pretty strong!

Diversity is beautiful! ^^


  1. ‘Blush’ will focus on singing English. This means they definitely are focusing on a global audience.
  2. Even though they will focus on English, each member will get a chance to sing in her native language as the main vocalist. This is so fair! I’m crying of excitement! Though Korean groups are featuring Chinese trainees more and more, they rarely get to sing Chinese. Furthermore, the concept of one group ruling the Philippines, India, China, Korea, and Japan is tantalizing to budding-dictator-Michelle.
  3. They are in L.A. right now, doing collaborations. This definitely definitely means they are shooting for the world; hopefully their talent is up to par. Sorry to break you out of your denial, but all the good music that South Korea copies is being made in the US.
  4. ‘Blush’ will not be using auto-tune. There. They said it upfront. They are not using auto-tune. This is a jibe at the kpop industry, which auto-tunes anything and everything and during live performances, you can never be sure if they aren’t just lip-syncing. Auto-tune is for pretty-face-idols, not for hardcore Pan-Asia superstars! Obviously.
  5. ‘Blush’ will debut in 3-4 months, and before their debut, a reality show will be aired, documenting their progress. I’m very interested in this, because unless they all having a working knowledge of English, how will these girls work together? Live together? How will their cultures collide and collaborate?

FarWest Entertainment has definitely got me interested and excited. However, this company, though sleek, looks somewhat green, and though S.M. Entertainment is a slave plantation (see DBSK), it’s established, and it knows what works. And S.M. works spectacularly. Anyone seen SNSD’s Visual Dreams? I think I’m going to have incubi tonight.

To follow Blush, visit ProjectLotus.tv.


21 thoughts on “[kpop] New Asian girl group, ‘Blush,’ to have Filipino, Indian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese members! FLAGRANT DIVERSITY! YES!

  1. Man hell ya, this is how it should be, Asia unite lol. But it is really awesome how they let each member sing in their native tongue. Also no autotune bs, Iam looking forward to this big time.

  2. I think this is ta eally great step forward for Asia. I hope there will be even more diversity soon. :)

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  4. First of all, Groups are only called kpop groups if they SING in Korean.. so basically, Korea has nothing to do with this band. I honestly think this group will fail big time.

    Ps. Korea does not copy American music, they PERFECT it. They are like the Hollywood of Asia.. just sayin

    • ==” sorry, but this comment was a little pompous.. the criteria for kpop being kpop doesn’t just mean ‘group sings in Korean’. heck. I could sing in (bad) Korean and by your standards, that would be kpop! Plus, kpop incorporates a lot of english in their songs, and when kpop groups make english versions of their songs, they’re not kpop because they’re in english? kpop is a genre with its own musical stylings, and it CAN be sung in Korean.. but you can sing it in english, russian, french, and if you get all the pointers of the genre correct, IT WILL BE KPOP. I think it’s very narrow-minded to tell a Chinese person you can’t cook Polish food because, well, you’re Chinese and not Polish! Same thing with kpop.

      second, I intend “kpop” as more of a category, instead of labelling Blush in a musical genre, per se. It does have to do with kpop, since they intend on dominating Asian markets, i.e. Korean market.

      anyways, aside from those nuances..

      the bigger problem is your last assertion. I am not disparaging kpop or American pop, but if that were true, why didn’t the Wonder Girls, BoA, Se7en succeed in the United States even just a little? Wonder Girls was the most kpoppy when coming into the American market.. but nope.. nothing really happened except a Disney gig as in they’re going nowhere on the mainstream American pop scene. Ever wonder why there’s so many accusations of plagiarism by Western artists toward kpop? kpop borrows heavily from American kpop and then uses that to inflect into their genre.. that’s not a bad thing, but that’s really how it is. The more obvious cases in which you can see it is when you have SM artists who are covering Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, etc. in their concerts. If kpop was the bestest and greatest, why do they insist on doing covers of current American pop?

      so, please think about your statements before you submit a comment on here. think about them long and hard.. because one day I will wake up and read them and answer not nicely :( like I did today. I am not mean if I disagree BUT you provide reasoning along with your statements, but with this comment, I see little to none of rationality.

      but thank you for reading,

      • Not only do I agree with everything you said, BUT YOU MADE MY FREAKING LIFE WITH THIS! I HAVE HOPE ^.^
        I’m indian, and I’ve DREAMED of something like this, an opportunity <3

  5. This band seems SOOOO MUCH better than the singers and bands that are so popular in america. (Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ke$ha. XP >.<) This seems like an awesome group and i like their song Up and Away.

  6. hope that they will become successful in their chosen carrer..love these guys..and im proud to be Filipino because of the lead singer^_^

    ..Mabuhay “BLUSH”

  7. Although m an indian.. But seriously saying that “auto tune” is only for good looking idols was very bad. Not all idols use auto tunes. So you just cannot write anything you wish to.

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