[kpop] Chinese shawol’s fan account of SHINee post-concert celebration, several disturbing observations

20 July 2011 edit: I’ve been getting a little bit of flack for the OnewAcne/Harvard/Yale joke I made and how condescending I sound in the  comments.. I apologize, but at the same time, I won’t be redacting anything. If it struck you as fobby and nouveau riche, that’s exactly what it is.. Asians in converging countries such as S. Korea place such high value on the prestige of your college (the ultimate holy grail being Harvard). That’s the joke. Also.. I understand how condescending I can seem, that’s just how my writing is.. you can see this throughout this blog. Somehow, I feel if I included a smiley face at the end, we wouldn’t be having this problem. At the same time, I also mentioned I have the same problem. I wouldn’t want you to judge me in my Italian any more than I would judge foreign readers’ English. T___T man, and while I was writing that comment reply to hellahyaa, I was trying to be as passive and respectful as possible, thinking that people would burn me if I tried to be condescending.. sigh.. but it still happened.. I apologize for that miscommunication..

Also, future note, please leave your real e-mail address if you wish to comment. I do respect anonymity, but that’s not how this specific blog is run.

31 October 2011 edit: so someone left a pretty inflammatory comment this night. I got called some very prosaic denigrating names, along with the condescending use of “honey”. Cool. But you know what’s really surprising? That there are a lot of people in the world who have different values! Which lead to different opinions and interpretations! Despite these divergences, there still exists something called manners.. right.. at least I would hope so. Please read this guide I wrote on how to comment respectfully before you go bat-shit crazy (for lack of a better term) and waste a good evening.

In the end, have I concluded SHINee are all bad people? That they are unattractive, don’t deserve to be idols? They should be sent to rehab? Er, no. So, I have not insulted your precious boys at all, nor attacked their characters and who they are overall. If you could not glean this by reading the last paragraph thoroughly, I’m sorry.

Have a good night.

Sorry about the influx of SHINee news, but they just had a few blowout concerts, and my news is flooded with their pictures. Following is a translation of the Chinese fan account that I read yesterday, and was severely disappointed.

Today’s concert ended around KST6.40pm. There were already about 100 Shawols waiting at the carpark, can’t remember the time. About 20 minutes later, Key was the first to come out and went into another car followed by the rest whom took a different car. According to Korean Shawols, Key’s grandmother came to today’s concert so Key has to leave to send his grandmother home. Filial Key!!!!

The 4 of them arrived at a BBQ restaurant around KST7.40pm and went to the 2nd floor with a cake… The 2nd floor was off-limits to Shawols. There were about 20 to 30 Shawols, so the 1st floor was all occupied by Shawols. Everybody ate while waiting. Key clad in a trendy outfit arrived 1 hour later, followed by Krystal whom left 10 minutes later. Then all sort of celebrations can be heard from upstairs!! Key came downstairs around KST10pm, nodded at Shawols and smiled in acknowledgment, followed by Taemin whom was piggy back by a staff, his face was covered by a jacket over his head, guess Taemin must be drunk. Minho then helped Jonghyun down. Jonghyun was staggering and his face was all red, he must have drank a lot and even gave Shawols a flying kiss. Onew then came down and gave a bright smile and waved. On a side note, we were seated in the first row so we were very upclose to them and Key’s skin is really fair and flawless. Onew has quite a number of pimples and it was heartbreaking to see it. Minho and Onew should also had a few drinks but they walked quite normally.

We then made our way to the dormitory and all Shawols rushed towards it but in an orderly manner. Key then alighted from the front seat, came forward and said hello, he also did a “Shh…” hand gesture, asking everyone to lower down their voices. Jonghyun then alighted, staggering, walking and spinning in circle, it was so adorable that I do not know how to put it into words. He even turned back and waved bye bye before entering the dormitory, all the Shawols present were very touched!!! Onew alighted next, eh, he started staggering too but he still gave Shawols a big smile.

Not sure if it was because Taemin was drunk, the car was drove up to the dormitory entrance, this time the manager hyung alighted and started shouting at Shawols and began to be quite rough, so we couldn’t see Minho and Taemin alighting, I think most probably because Taemin is underage and didn’t want to give Shawols a bad impression etc… The cab driver said that the lights at the dormitory entrance wasn’t on and he drove a few rounds near the dormitory but to no avail so we went back….

Source: CON给力 of Baidu
Translation: veyonce/emianjjong of tumblr

First off: Taemin drunk. A lot of fangirls have said that maybe he was just tired, and I disagree. Even though he is a minor, there must have been a lot of pressure for him to drink, and he probably did, and has on numerous occasions. This is not a jab at Taemin’s character, just a practical observation. I dislike this revelation, because I believe at the end of every choice, there is personal will, and despite whatever peer pressure, Taemin did not have to drink.

Second: staggering Jonghyun. As a kindergartener, I can’t hide the fact that I disapprove highly of people who drink until they’re staggering all over the place. I will give Jonghyun the benefit of the doubt, since he is legal in South Korea, and he has girlfriend troubles. Fans are mad that Shin Se Kyung didn’t attend the concert, which is ridiculous since their relationship is none of their business. Though a drunk Jonghyun may be ‘cute,’ he’s still drunk and I don’t think that’s cute. At all.


Third: ONEW PIMPLES! I admit, I used to have acne, but now I’ve gone to see a lovely dermatologist from Harvard, and problems are no more. It doesn’t make sense, because in a sense, Onew is an investment, and S.M. would at least get him a Yale dermatologist for this problem.

These three, disturbing observations lead me to this quote from Madame Bovary (which I finally finished): “We must not touch our idols; the gilt sticks to our fingers.” A lot of gilt is sticking to my fingers; I always asserted that they were ordinary people, but it’s sort of unsettling to actually realize that they are really ordinary– that in making life choices, choices of resolution and not of skill, they are just so ordinary. SHINee as artists, and SHINee as people, are diametrically opposite concepts, and I hope that this fan account can help others to realize that.


26 thoughts on “[kpop] Chinese shawol’s fan account of SHINee post-concert celebration, several disturbing observations

  1. Am I the only person who really thinks Taemin was tired? All of the fancams showed him being really hyper at the concert; he has to crash eventually.
    Second, he was around management for his company. The company taking care of his Idol image.
    Third, where is the actual photographic or video of any of this. There must be pics of this somewhere.

    • no, you are not the only person who thinks Taemin was tired.. in fact, I think the majority views it as such. However, I’m aiming for the more practical route, as the Chinese fan suggested. I know this might be sort of ugly, but I’m sure Taemin has done social drinking.. I’ve known so many people who I never thought would do it, but one summer later, I come back and it’s like. Wait. What happened? (This can’t be explained away by a difference in Korean and American drinking culture, if you’re thinking about that.)

      At the end of that long sentence, that just means I’m leaning more towards he was drunk rather than tired, but I have really no authority on what actually happened, and I don’t pretend to have any, other than a real world assessment and subsequent conjecture.

      To answer the third point, yes, there should be pictures, but it wasn’t attached to any of the news accounts I read, and I’m a very bad fangirl so I don’t go actively looking for every single thing SHINee does :( so I’m sorry I was not able to provide any from this incident. Again, I want to say that this post was mostly personal opinions and conjectures, and should not be taken as fact, but rather a starting point for analysis and discussion on SHINee’s actual behavior.

      Thanks for reading :) sorry if I get too wordy!!

  2. Well, first of all, I’m so confused by this. Although I do think that Taemin drinks sometimes for the social pressure you mentioned before (in Korea drinking seems to be a very important part of social life, maybe too important, and come on, he’s a teenager xD), I don’t understand why they didn’t thought of the possibility of being seen in that state. I mean, that’s so stupid. SM has already been very careful with that kind of things, so perhaps the maknae wasn’t really drunk and was only tired, we’ll never know. Sadly, I can’t find an answer to that.
    The case of JJong is different, in my opinion there’s no bad in drinking if you can control it, but he surely drank A LOT. And I’m sorry to say that idols shouldn’t allow themself to be that drunk (or at least to be seen that drunk). They are an example for teenagers after all.
    Finally, Onew’s pimples. Well, I don’t know why, but I find this kinda funny. Don’t get me wrong, but that proves to me that he’s a human being xD Though I do think as well that he could find himself a dermatologist.
    PD.: Sorry if there are any mistakes, my mother language isn’t English ^^

    • Hmm.. the more I learn about S.M., the strict control they exhibit over their artists is frightening but then at the same time, it has bouts of horrible judgment, like this incident and the whole Jonghyun-SSK -___-” Yes, I think your point about idols taking care not be that drunk because they are role models is valid.. even more so that they are idols, and not conventional celebrities. Also, I don’t exactly think that binge-drinking is the best celebration.. who wants to get smashed after you’ve had one of the most important times of your life? I’d want to remember everything!

      I just want to note that (not that you implied this, but for some people that may be confused) I was not judging Jonghyun on a personal level, because I obviously don’t know him personally. I dislike flagrant drunkenness in everyone, no matter who it is. I wasn’t disappointed because it was Jonghyun that was horribly drunk, I was disappointed that Jonghyun was horribly drunk.

      don’t worry about any mistakes, you did well :D thanks for reading! I really appreciate comments ^^

  3. haha im pretty sure all onew has to do is wear tons of makeup. taemin technically should have acne too, but hell all he has to do is wear makeup, too. concealer and foundation can do miracles.
    jonghyun sounds creepy here… where’d you find the translation?
    about the taemin-could-be-drunk thing… is that any better than him being caught reading “ping pong club”?
    btw, who’s this harvard dermatologist you saw? i’m curious to, i dunno, get help from him/her too

    • Dr. Oon Tian Tan is my dermatologist—she’s located in Boston. I like her a lot, very professional, cuts to the chase. She does a lot of cosmetic surgeries with lasers, has got a few patents on lasers, she’s pretty up-to-date in her field.

      Well, at least Taemin is reading.. reading amongst young adults is the sharpest declining demographic (I know, so nerdy), I was disappointed that he watches “One Piece” to learn Japanese.. what about the good old stuff: Dragonball Z? haha

      The credits, which I posted at the end,

      Source: CON给力 of Baidu
      Translation: veyonce/emianjjong of tumblr

      I’m sure if you Google it, you can find the original source, but this was reposted on many, many SHINee fan sites, so I think I may have read it on SHINee Shawols SG or something.. =____= the most horrible part of my day is sifting through SHINee news, because it’s a lot of “he’s so cute!” spam .____.

      • thanks
        aw man your dermatologist lives in boston? haha oh well.
        btw do you know what ping pong club is? its apparently a porn manga… uh yea… its not exactly something to be impressed at reading… xD
        he watches one piece to learn japanese… i think even learning it from key
        (he knows some japanese right?) is a better idea than that… (cause just watching anime alone can’t teach how to speak or read japanese in any way shape or form)

      • HAHAHA well.. hopefully that lets out his sexual frustration.. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen the question “Have Jjong and SSK had sex?” =____=

        yep he knows some Japanese! I hope SHINee do well, Jaejoong was very fluent, and most of the other DBSK members were too :)

  4. Dear Michelle,

    Stumbled upon your blog as I was trying to find some Shinee wallpapers for my HTC Desire HD.

    Read through your blog posts about the boys and it is frighteningly amazing how you have managed to articulate what I have been feeling about Shinee for so long.

    Will continue to follow your blog; I’m a big fan of your views and writing style.

    ~ Fiona from Canada and a Shinee fan.

    • Hello, Fiona! :D Thank you so much for reading~ I will continue to do my best! It’s really easy to get lost in between the obsessive fangirls that worship every move their idols make, and trying to find someone else who shares your views (because some fangirls tend to turn quite nasty ><), so I'm glad we have convergence in thought! I really appreciate that you took the time to write something. ^^


      • Aww, no problem Michelle!

        Reading your post again, I didn’t know you used the word ‘disturbing’ to describe the observations.

        Your blog post here totally changed my life! And that’s putting how I feel really lightly. It gave me a Kpop epiphany. For the past months, I had been listening to their music non-stop and on the occasion, checking out funny videos of the group. I wasn’t at a worshiping massive fandom stage, but enough to have them on my mind a lot (well, their music anyway).

        Yesterday after reading your post, I was just thinking about them constantly — but in a different way now. Like, I’ve always told myself artists come celebrities are just normal people like us, and in my perspective, are like the popular kids in high school – the world being high school! But, I can’t seem to accept it when accounts like the ones on your personally hit you and then you get all confused.

        Maybe it’s just that. I understand they’re people I’ve come to adore as these cute pretty boys from how they were marketed. But, I realize the tremendous talent that they have as people as well.

        The one thing I can’t get over is Taemin — geez, he was my least favourite member, but once I saw the Idol Army episode w/ 2pm and Shinee, he definitely became more endearing. And then, fast forward a few years later, what the heck!

        Ahh.. sorry for the rant. I didn’t expect you to even reply to my post. I’m a little excited. That is all.


        • Wow, that is exactly the reaction that I wanted to inspire ^^ This may make you feel I’m really weird, but the whole thing about Onew having acne—THAT was what I was disturbed about the most, because Onew has been an idol/in-training for a while, and they still haven’t found a solution, which I find hard to believe. Otherwise the whole Taemin/Jonghyun drinking was sort of Michelle-disapproval but I really wasn’t too disturbed or shocked, since it’s to be expected from most young peoples.

          I had a similar sort of mindset.. but as I went more into kpop other than SHINee, it just became really apparent how similar and manufactured all their personalities are. I think that’s one of the biggest problems in respecting SHINee and other groups as true artists. Though it kills me as a SHINee fangirl, I would consider Justin Bieber more of an artist than SHINee, because although they do capitalize on the same things (youth, cuteness, fangirlyness, etc), when you see Justin Bieber in the recording studio and in interviews.. it’s actually that kid. That one and only Justin Bieber. Whereas I could probably substitute BEAST for SHINee and walk out with the same effects (though I just don’t like BEAST’s music too much). The homogenization factor sort of kills kpop as a whole for me :(

          It is OK to rant :D this blog is definitely not a stranger to rant (<– in fact, I'm thinking of revising it to make it less ranty)! I also try to reply whenever I actually can think of something meaningful to write (even if I don't reply, I read everything, rest assured).


          • YES. Actually, I was showing my friend that Hello blog post.

            I think THAT ONE CHANGED MY LIFE MORE!! When I realized I had commented on the wrong post (my comment was actually supposed to be for the Hello post).

            I was into Big Bang before SHINee, and it’s totally different with YG. They pretty much are like the more urban, hip hop and more western influenced Korean label and promote more of the thug, female objectifying aspects we see in North America.

            For instance, I definitely agree with your point in the Hello video — they create it so that we can ‘insert ourselves here’ in the video, versus something like Big Bang, where there are actual females in the MV that already tell the story. But in many cases, like TOP’s solo for example, the chicks are for decoration.

            My friend loves Beast. I take it because they’re more manly.

            And Kpop is very homogenized! You’re right. Probably more extreme than back in the pop industry of the 90s. They have training camps for goodness sake O__O;

            • Now that you mention it, I’m completely addicted to Big Bang’s “Tonight” right now .____. and YES they do have an objectified girl in the video! Sigh.

              haha. SHINee is really very girly. They try so hard every other cycle to be manly, but they keep slapping the cute back on, which diminishes everything. If you’re ever looking for a laugh on their girlyness, Youtube “Jongkey.” You probably won’t be doing anything else for 30 min., but that’s all right. ^^ I don’t know if you follow Super Junior, but apparently their same-sex couple is “Eunhae”.. and honestly, Eunhae has nothing on Jongkey (<— so scary).

              sorry for the horribly late reply (midterms ahhh~)

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  6. why do u have to boast around about u seeing a dermatologist since onew has pimples? hello? have u ever heard of too much make up can damage ur skin?? duh? do u even think about him having not enough rest huh? skin can be damage also if WE HUMANS doesnt have enough rest..

    • Hmm I was just joking there.. I apologize if you miscontrued this as an insult or boasting. But of course makeup and not enough rest are good reasons for why he doesn’t have a good complexion.. But as I said, idols are an investment and so companies would want their good health, including skin, so I was surprised about the acne story. Then I joked about it, perhaps in a way not to your taste: I was focusing on the Yale-Harvard rivalry rather than a malign slight on the kpop industry.

      The whole point of the post that I wrote was just to show how normal idols are and not people who are perfect. I wasn’t making fun of him for being imperfect or saying it’s his fault.. I’d rather be a fangirl who can smile at idols’ imperfections than become defensive at every little thing that seems disparaging.

      Thank you for your comment!

      *I also want to say something else.. I don’t want to be a stalker, but it seems like you come from Europe, and your native language is not English. I am glad to have foreign readers, but there is a language barrier. Learning the mechanics of a language may be easy, but usually the understanding of humor– especially sarcasm– can only come with practice in reading in the target language. I have this trouble too, with Italian. So, to the foreign readers, please don’t be too quick to judge everything I write, especially if you do not understand it fully.

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  8. Is it terrible of me that I couldn’t help but feel relieved when I reached the end of this and realized there were no disturbing/disappointing points about Key? :x

    Anywho… Jjong. Ew. I agree about people getting so drunk that they’re staggering around. It’s not cute or anything of the kind. Hmm, I don’t understand why Onew having pimples would be “heartbreaking,” as the account says. Acne is no big deal. o.O And Taemin drunk. That one upsets me the most, but still… not very much so. Fortunately, I’m one who (most of the time :P) doesn’t see her idols as perfect creatures sent from above. Usually stuff like this only disappoints me because they’re role models for so many people and the example they’re setting is not a good one.

    • hahaha I guess it’s the thought of the idols being anything less than perfect. I’ve seen a few photos where Onew is at a fanmeet and apparently some of his makeup rubbed off and you can see his patchy skin o.0 Good for you! I agree, being in the spotlight confers an extra obligation to be conscious how you are portrayed as a role model.. unless it’s totally by accident, they made a choice to be in the spotlight, so they should consider everything that comes with it.


      • I actually like it when idols are revealed to have some appearance flaws like acne. It reminds me that they’re just people and makes me feel better about my own flaws. And yeah, they did make the choice to become celebrities, so they should take responsibility for their subsequent position as public role models.

  9. come on Shawol, let’s vote uri SHINee at MAMA 2012 (Best Dance Performance-Male Group)
    they dropped to second place TT
    Let’s unite to support shinee. Hope, Pray, and Believe ^^ Fighting
    link : mama.interest.me
    Thank you :)

  10. I could have shared my comment on some of your other blog posts but I have no such valid reason for not doing this right here (plus, I got no patience. Also, it’s not a comment targeted to some specific topic). I don’t remember how do I stumble upon your blog but it was interesting. I didn’t like it initially because you did the full-blown surgery of the Shinee songs I like and love. I was like “She’s THE critic.”
    You need to keep your brains at home and just listen and enjoy music at times. Music can be liberating in so many different ways. I don’t understand Korean at all but after reading your reviews, I wished if I could be that analytic too. I don’t understand if Key’s voice is too raspy or Minho sounds like a frog. I never paid that much attention. But, seriously Minho sounds like frog. He doesn’t sound like a frog but now he looks like a frog to me whenever I watch him in videos. Damn! Why did you do that??
    About Taemin, he’s good at dancing but in my opinion, he can not be as good as Jjong or Jinki. I believe there is always a difference between training and raw talent. Even if he gets better at singing, it’s not that Jjong or Jinki will be sitting leisurely on the beach tanning themselves. Everyone grows.

    Ahh..I lost my earlier point. So yeah, I had this weird kind of feeling after reading your reviews of Shinee music albums. Our tastes do not match much but yeah, I got no problem with that. World will be boring if everyone agrees and form a majority. I liked your posts because they presented views little different than mine. And then I saw your reaction video on Jjong’s CRAZY. I am happy to realize that you are not crazy fangirl even though, I can sense something crazy in you ;) I like to read your opinions and watch reaction videos (even though, I have seen just one). Keep it up , not that you are going to stop anyway.

    You won my heart when you acknowledged how good Jinki sounded in Symptoms. I like his voice. Better than Jjong. Not that I am doing any comparison. It’s just his voice is really soothing. I love Shinee but not to an extent that I’ll hate them for dating a girl or smoking cigarettes. That’s plain ridiculous because I got my own life problems to deal with – taking shower in this winter is one of those complex problems. I don’t like people who smoke but then, I don’t hate them. They need help to quit smoking. I have seen many people who couldn’t quit smoking but with a little help from some close friends or family members, they were able to quit.

    I like Shinee because a part of me wants to be able to make people happy with my work. Visiting different countries is another brownie point. And lovely attires too (I am being greedy here, I know)

    What I don’t understand is why do people become very harsh and write rude comments. I feel sad for them. They need warm hugs. “Shhh…Be quiet. Don’t shout.” I don’t know how kpop fandom works but here in my place, we don’t care much if someone dates someone. We don’t make their lives hell. We do mind if celebrities smoke or drink in public places because there are many blind followers who’ll just do what their idols do. But, fans just don’t go to social networking sites or forums and pass on really obnoxious comments just to make sure that idols take long hiatus or suffer depression or attempt suicide. I was really surprised to read the news and articles about how people try to poison the idols or doubt their educational backgrounds and verbally attack their families if the earlier attacks were not enough to ruin their entire career. In the end, they are doing it for living. What do people earn by ruining others’ lives? Never be a reason of distress to others. It’s so no good.

    Live Life! Listen to music. Don’t like it – don’t listen to it again. Like it – Listen to it without caring what others say about your choice. It shouldn’t matter any day. World is too big. But then, people will never change. There will be haters. So, I just contradicted my whole point. Aahh…Why did I do type this long then!

    I hope you didn’t sleep. Just be awake. I wrote this long hoping that you’ll read (and also, because I got nothing else to do this time). I was a crazy fangirl initially, or better say, a fangirl in the making. But there was something Key said and it threw me back to reality. “Whatever is shown on TV is not real” It was just a casual comment made on some episode of Hello Baby. But, it stuck. Since then, I just watch and enjoy.

    Talking about Jjong’s single, I liked how different it is from Taemin’s danger. But, I really hate his makeup. I have seen so many reaction videos but not a single soul noticed what I did. Maybe it only irked me. His lips! Makeup artists painted his lips like anything. He doesn’t have that huge and broad lips. His lips are fine and thin. Why do you need to plaster them with too much lipstick??!!! I feel that he won’t get as much views or fame as Taemin’ Danger but it’s okay. What matters is the effort! I hope for Jinki’s solo album too. I would cherish them as much as I cherish my cookie jar.

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