[lifestyle/kpop] proposed New Year’s Resolutions 2011 for SHINee.. and me

For those of you who have already seen the New Year pass, Happy 2011! For those of us still stuck in 2010.. let’s get busy thinking about our resolutions–
SHINee’s resolutions:
  1. Onew
    –find something other than chicken for SHINee World to obsess over. Like a new girlfriend.
    –star in ‘Rock of Ages’ in Boston so I can come see you
  2. Jonghyun
    keep dating! hwaiting!
    –control your wailing during live performances. You have a unique timbre, but that doesn’t mean that everything you do is good-sounding all the time.
    –we’ve seen your muscled back and huge biceps in Lucifer.. now.. what about those abs?!
  3. Key
    –work with a better vocal coach, because in live performances, your voice rasps too much when it needs to be smooth
    –please do a real cover of Ke$ha. You are perfect for Tik Tok.
    –for SHINee’s debut in Japan, please also come up with a kickass, wtf hairstyle like you did for Lucifer. Absolutely shocking, absolutely genius, and oddly, very couture.
  4. Minho
    –stop looking absolutely gorgeous in one photo and then a complete dork with big ears in the next
    –strangle SM to let you have credits for the rap you write
    show those abs more and force other members to do ab exercises with you
  5. Taemin
    –work on increasing range and inflection on singing voice
    –argue with the hair stylists for another hairstyle other than a bowl cut
    –practice in front of the mirror obsessively to learn the best way to unleash Sex-Taemin, not Awkward-Sex-Taemin
Michelle’s Resolutions:
  1. Wake up at 9:00AM or earlier every day.
    Michelle woke up at 12:02PM today. This must change, because I like eating food, so I like breakfast.
  2. Sleep by 12:00AM or earlier every day.
    Michelle slept at 2:10AM last night playing Professor Layton.
  3. Learn elementary Korean.
    My brain is going into an intellectual black hole when I watch kdramas and listen to kpop, so I need to recoup some of that brainpower by actually applying myself and learning Korean. I really hate this, because I look like such a fangirl, but what I’m concerned with is a dead brain, not a dead heart..
  4. Play piano everyday, for at least an hour.
    Heck yes Michelle is going to master a Bach’s Prelude and Fugue, and hopefully one Chopin etude.
  5. Apply to a bajillion scholarships and internships.
    So I won’t be a total failure and money drain in my parents’ eyes.
  6. Practice my tai chi sequence at least two times every day.
    I admit, this is more like ‘Michelle needs to move around other than fidgeting in her sleep.’
  7. Finish my 2010 reading list, and the whole box set of Roald Dahl I gave my brother for Christmas.
    Okay, I’ve come to terms that I will not be able to finish by 2010. So, I’ll just pretend it was a 2010-January 2011 reading list. OKAY!

Thank you for reading my blog this year, and I hope that I will continue to merit your support.

Likewise, I hope you had a great 2010. If you didn’t, well, there’s always 2011 to go save up money to see SHINee live, right? To meet the billionaire of your dreams who will fly SHINee in to perform at your wedding? Correct.


2 thoughts on “[lifestyle/kpop] proposed New Year’s Resolutions 2011 for SHINee.. and me

  1. so far key’s failed your “come up with a kickass wtf hairstyle for the japan debut”. minho failed the “stop looking good in one photo but bad in another”. jonghyun is rumored to the fail the keep dating.
    disappointing kpop resolution failures as of this half year?

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