[kpop] best SHINee live performance outfits, 2010

Come on, guys, you know what a horrible fangirl I am, missing all the Gayo Daejuns to play Professor Layton and waking up at 12PM.

However, though I am a subpar fangirl, from the first Lucifer live performance, I have made myself watch and download every single live performance they’ve had since: Hello, Lucifer, and some Hot Times and Miss You for Jonghyunie! Though I’m not a terribly big fan of the leopard and solid colors S.M. stylists decided to outfit SHINee with in Hello, I’ve definitely had some eye-gasms with some outfits, or some clothing items (in chronological order):

100730 Lucifer, Onew:

Onew had those awful tie-dye pants on, but his shirt sort of took away from that. The shirt with a mesh back–the shirt in which we could see through! This fancam of Onew giving fan service (flexing his back and flashing his stomach.. yes it looks like he has some sort of abs! squee!) is adorable! Whoever was the stylist who thought of giving Onew a see through shirt was a genius. Fangirls appreciate.

100730 Onew; Onew was crying because of their Mubank win so he didn't show his face, but we see his back anyways. :D

100731 Lucifer, Jonghyun:

His shirt. Is just Pure Architecture. The white stripes on the right arm, and the triangular cut on the left bicep. I can’t get over the bicep that we see. Sure, Jonghyun does wear a lot of sleeveless shirts, but something about this angular cut makes us yearn to see more and it really highlights the injured feeling Lucifer is about. This is all strangely complemented by his poufy, straight hair. The white pants provide the right connection to the rest of his outfit.

100731 Jonghyun

100820 Lucifer, Taemin:

A manly style. Finally. The necklace really emphasizes the long torso and the lower neckline. Simple, but elegant. Simple, but elegantly manly. Tear. Little maknae is growing up. (He’s still younger than me, goddammit!)

100820 Taemin

100827 Lucifer, Jonghyun:

I’m usually not one for color (because I’m emo and depressed over paper grades all the time), but this one, nailed it. The white against a precious, low-cut apricot shirt. Fun, but also a little dangerous: white ripped jeans.

100827 Jonghyun

100911 Lucifer Goodbye Stage, Taemin:

He had amazing hair that day. Amazing eye makeup too.  The whole golden-black ensemble would have worked, if not for the clunky triangle necklace. Sigh.

100911 Taemin

101008 Hello, Jonghyun:

Just like Onew’s see through shirt. This very, very low v-neck, highlighted by the two necklaces, on Jonghyun shows his pecs without actually showing his pecs. The result is devastating. To fangirls, that is.

Moreover, it’s a triple cardigan. They’re so warm and make you feel fuzzy. Jonghyun is a heap of warm fuzzy niceness, of course. This is my favorite outfit of all.. it’s probably because as a kindergartner, I love cardigans!

101008 Jonghyun

In this whole list, I’ve had lots of Jonghyuns and no Minhos or Keys. Is this a Jonghyun bias? I wouldn’t say so, because of two reasons– Minho and Key are special in SHINee; Minho is the ‘manliest’ and Key is most fashionista, therefore, I believe the stylists go out of their way with unmemorable, ‘manly’ outfits for Minho and fantastically cutting-edge-wtf for Key. Next, Jonghyun has good combination of manly (big muscles) and girly (small waist, s-curve) that makes him any stylist’s darling, able to wear most anything with snazz.  If say, Taemin were to wear Jonghyun’s 101008 outfit, we’d be horrified to discover he has no pecs.

Happy 2011, kids. Play nice on the playground, now.


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