[Book Review(s) in a Paragraph] The Godfather, My Sister’s Keeper, The Picture of Dorian Gray


The Godfather by Mario Puzo, My Sister’s Keeper by Jodie Picoult, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.  None of these books are on my actual reading list.  Yet, I still read them anyway.   Something’s wrong with me; first, I really like Italy, even Italian stereotypes, next I got into an argument with someone over the horribility and commonness and triteness of faux bestsellers like Ms. Picoult, and finally, I tried reading Dorian Gray once, but I was bored.

Book Reviews:

The Godfather is so badass, and I can understand why the image of the Mafia is still so heavily romanticized.  Michael, the man who eventually takes over the ‘family business’ seems to be one of us in the beginning, going to Dartmouth, wanting to distance himself from a life of crime, serving for the nation: an all-around good guy.  When he turns to the dark side, Michael is eloquently justified, and this makes one wonder: how much are we like Michael? And yes, the quintessential question: what is good and what is evil? The action comes in tides, and I was never bored, though the great coup de grace in the end was a little hurried for me.  Verdict: So badass, and you won’t get willies at night.  Recommended read if you have the patience for 500+ pages.

My Sister’s Keeper was a la The Lovely Bones. Sentimental, trite craps.  Verdict: do not read unless you like craps.  There was a review in the beginning that said Ms. Picoult’s dialogue was ‘original,’ but I could easily predict what came next.  The brother, Jesse, is just a stereotypical, “Oh yeah babe, let’s get it on!” type kid.  Not original.  Then again, I think that reviewer was from People.

The Picture of Dorian Gray was an amazing exercise in paradox and wit and the destructive qualities of hedonism.  Enough said. Verdict: Read it.

(Note: Dorian Gray is the first novel I finished via Kindle on PC/iPhone! woopee!)


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