[kpop] Flash Review of ‘Ayyy Girl’: where is the club scene where Jaejoong+girl dance suggestively?

I’m not a fangirl of DBSK, so I won’t be able to critique thoroughly.  Plus, I’d like to get 8+ hours of sleep tonight.

First reactions:

(1) The introduction where they all run towards the camera and look away, you can’t deny that the cinematography is sexy.  Too bad the cinematography then turns into bad Matrix shots.
(2) Jaejoong is still hot.  Still has nice pecs.
(3) What is with these Romanesque backgrounds?

Number three is the most puzzling to me, because the song and the actual image presented don’t seem to fit together; we see JYJ as high gods of an antiquated period, and then we hear them complaining ‘Ayy Girl you drive me crazy’ or whatever.  That doesn’t sound very ‘high god’ to me, just ‘low man complaining too much and not being sexy enough to drive her crazy.’

Assuming this is the song JYJ wants to use to break into the American market, they did an utter failure with the music video.  All popular artists now have started with generic, ‘safe’ videos, like Far East Movement and Lady Gaga.  They both started with dance tracks: Like a G6, and Just Dance.  This is why I was puzzled not seeing Jaejoong dance seductively against a hot Megan-fox model who’s almost taller than he is.

Generic dance videos also serve as an equal meeting point between the artists and the audience.  Hey, Jaejoong dances and I dance too! We both like partying! We’re similar! I like Jaejoong! Whereas, Hey, Jaejoong is a god, and I’m a pudgy human being.. nope.  That doesn’t connect too well.  After this common ground is established, then you have the license to take the relationship for a spin, by releasing such oddities as California Gurls.

The choreography was also uninspiring and forgettable, which is dumb, because they are the ex-members of DBSK, i.e. the gods who performed Mirotic.  They are extremely good at dance, and I don’t know why they chose to disregard this. If an American consumer were to watch SHINee’s Lucifer or JYJ’s Ayyy Girl, I’m pretty sure that they would choose Lucifer as the better video because it is (a) simple dance video, making it easy for the audience to connect with and identify each of the members as separate identities (b) the shots are much more elegantly handled (c) the handcuff dance is definitely memorable.  All these reasons, and the fact that, Lucifer is a much better track than Ayyy Girl.

I have been following BoA, Se7en, Wonder Girls, now JYJ and 2NE1, obsessively in the American market.  I can’t lie, it’s been disappointing so far.  They’re amazing in Korea, but then once they transplant, something happens, and they really are suckage.  I’m so sorry, but when I watch things like this, I’m so embarrassed. Asians are not wannabes!

(PS. Apart from Jaejoong, I have no idea who else is in JYJ.  Let me guess. Junsu. Yoochun.. is that right?)


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