[kpop/rumor] Taemin has a girlfriend! Verdict: quite possibly.

Edit: February 27, 2011

I did not make this Tweet up.. I originally found it here, published 9 days before this post.

This comes from the Twitterverse, translated:

“SMFacts SM엔터테인먼트 Fanbase: Some said Taemin got a girlfriend. His girlfriend got bullied by shawols. OMG fanatic shawols are scary~ brr brr (via twitter)”

Taemin exhorting you leave him alone. He has really pretty blonde hair here.

First thing to discuss: Taemin has a girlfriend. Not surprised. I predicted a while back Taemin is probably more of a player than Jonghyun, who is typically seen as one. However, since this is the Korean netizen rumor mill which produced allegations that Tablo didn’t go to Stanford, I wouldn’t believe it. Taemin is as busy as Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, and Key, and yet all of them are sort of asexual on the dating scene. Taemin probably has a good friend who happens to be a girl. Just like Key and Sulli. Jonghyun and Krystal.

Second thing: SHINee shawols bullying the poor girl, whether she is committed to Taemin or not. That’s disgusting and debasing. That just shows why Taemin didn’t pick you to be his girlfriend. Frankly, there is only one Taemin, and 3489837 Bad Old Noonas. So stop it. You can fantasize after Taemin, but don’t question his personal choices or people involved in them. His personal life doesn’t include you. Stop it.

I wish I could say that to all the fangirls out there. There is something that going to an all-girls’ college that does something to you. It’s pathetic to stare at an image all day when you could be Hillary Clinton and demand SHINee perform at the next State Dinner.


75 thoughts on “[kpop/rumor] Taemin has a girlfriend! Verdict: quite possibly.

  1. i like this post of yours(: i totally agree with people having to stop meddling with idol’s personal lives and thinking they are part of it when they’re obviously not and will never be (: ahh im glad there are people like you who actually think sensibly too! i dont get those fangirls who go “OMG A GIRL CLOSE TO HIM EEEW GET AWAY HE IS MINE IM GONNA BASH YOU(for the most unreasonable.. uhh reason.)” :D
    God bless you!

    • thank you :) we sensible fangirls may be in the minority, but I think after the Jonghyun-SSK, a lot of us have started to open our eyes and see the ugliness.

      God bless you too and happy 2011 :D

      • i get so annoyed by those immature ones seriously. when they heard she was at the concert? they bashed. when they heard she wasnt there? bashed again. they just want her gone. (and for all you know if she leaves jjong – which i dont hope for if jjong’s gonna be sad- they’re gonna bash her for hurting him) ROFL.

        God bless you and yes happy 2011 may this year be better(:

    • I Agree I won’t deny it even I get sad when I knew that Taemin has a Girlfriend it’s true I shouldn’t be because it’s unreasonable!! Tnx for ur comment it made me realize things ^_^

  2. ugh what gives me a headache in the first place how it was leaked out.. SM is such an ironfisted company, how could they let this slip past?! It would be better for fangirls and for Jonghyun+SSK if this whole thing never surfaced, because like you said, the breakup will be like “Why did you hurt Jjong? YOU MUST DIE!!!!” and “I told you so!” and “Muahahaha he’s closer to being mine!” JJ+SSK have this horrible pressure to succeed because they’re under so much scrutiny.

    I remember thinking that day, wtf SM is THE slave company (okay, not to slander SM, but they work their artists so, so, so much harder than YG, JYP, etc.. I give up keeping track of SHINee variety shows, and I now really only watch live perfs and read interviews), so how does Jonghyun have time for this relationship, and why exactly it was leaked in the first place? sigh.. I spent the last thirty minutes trying to find a very good written analysis I read early on of why they are ‘fake’.. because some of their circumstances are somewhat suspicious.. I support Jonghyun 100%, but then the skeptic in me is like 5% WTF IS HAPPENING!!!!!


    • yeaaa they are really overworked. </3 i kept wondering too. with all that trainings, schedules radiostations varietyshows blahblahblah the list goes on, they look so tired they hardly have any time to rest. (plus ssk has her own crazy schedule too i guess) so HOW ON EARTH?!

      totally true. everyone covers up their tracks like crazy, so why'll they go out like openly as if saying "HEY WORLD WE ARE DATING COME TAKE OUR PHOTOS!" people say its PR. since it quietened down like totlaly after 2weeks? usually celebs scandals would go on longer than that and we all know paparazzis are way better than just this. (unless they havent met since then and if thats the case are they even together?!) lol.

      well, noone knows. it seems real, it seems fake. only they know D: thats why i didnt even take it to heart anymore though jjong's my bias. it's not as if there's anything i can do even if i bothered?(: as long as he still smiles and doesn't look dead/stressed/worried things should still be good right?

      really glad i found someone who thinks kinda more similar to me than those out there :D im samantha by the way ^^

      • pleased to meet you! :) I always wonder what the hardcore fangirls are like in person.. especially since I live in the US, so I’ve never seen many :P

        yesh, the people on Soompi and 6theory forums are SCARYYYY, I avoid it at all costs, even though they are usually really good ways to get news and read for analysis. so scaryyy!!! T.T

        aww if I marry someone rich or I become wealthy, it’s my goal to have Jonghyun perform at my wedding :D such a beautiful voice.. I think he’s slowly becoming my bias too, I listen to “Hot Times” too much

      • some really tiny thing, i read some interview where they said idols can get away with dating by dating in the dead of night. like when they don’t have schedules and no one is out (normally).
        thats kind of creepy, but it makes sense (plus it makes sense why those photos of jonghyun and sekyung are obviously nighttime photos)

  3. HAHAHA YES OF COURSE! i want him to sing for my wedding too! i love all their voices! i hope they’ll all do(: i’m from singapore so i see quite alot of fangirls here. some get realllly crazy going to all extents its really scary sigh~

  4. and the taemin is a player thing really makes sense. i mean did you see all the youtube fancams of him lately and his… questionable fanservice?

    • LOLOL, really?! I try not to watch fancams because there are too many and I probably will just sit the whole day and watch them .____. one by one

      I always feel that Taemin doesn’t like his image that much, he’s always saying he doesn’t like being called “pretty”.. they have got to stop giving him bowl haircuts TT-TT

      • going off the youtube fancam titles, there’s one where he’s trying to kiss key, one where he grinds/humps key, one where he teases onew, one where he … list goes on…
        they do need to stop giving him bowl cuts xD that doesnt make him anymore manly than the extensions

  5. yea true. like when noone else is actually out. but that’ll make them REAL TIRED. imagine a full day of schedules and then having to sneak out for date?! phew. i hope he’s not too tired out.
    anyway i heard some people saying that since recently jjong had a surgery, ssk should be somewhere around him these few days right? but apparently noone reported seeing her anywhere. well i dont know.. plus the rumour that says JK is fake and all. i dont really care. if its fake then SM sucks. if its real then people should shut up. i just want jjong.to.be.happy(:

  6. haha you meant when minho had to sit down he was ALWAYS at the side and jjong had more chances of sitting/standing in the middle more tha atthe side?

    • Since I watch every live performance, for some reason, Minho ALWAYS sat on the side and Jjong got lots of center seats—he even got special performance roles like at the Golden Disk Awards :3 I find that veryyyy interesting why they didn’t do the same thing with Minho :P I don’t want to say Minho is less valuable.. But it’s probably because Jonghyun has more parts in the song and it wouldn’t be good to switch cameras with Jonghyun only shots while the rest of the group receives less attention.. With Jjong in the center, we can see everyone! :)

  7. I agreed with this “So stop it. You can fantasize after Taemin, but don’t question his personal choices or people involved in them. His personal life doesn’t include you. Stop it.” They don’t even belong to you in the first place. A very ironic fact, they don’t even know you existed. I’m really glad that there are still lots of people respecting their idols’ private life, thumbs up! Bless you! (:

  8. I love your post. It really makes sense. You’re right. It’s all right to be a fangirl and all and dream about these guys but we have no right to interfere with their personal lives. It’s their lives after all. We’ll just have to support them through and through. (^^,)

  9. erm.. i love your opinions and all, but i just listened to your audio reply and, no offense meant, some of the stuff you said were really pointless… like the “i’m going to make more money than you”. it has nothing to do with your argument and only seems to make yourself as low as what you say those “bullies” are.

    • you caught me.. I was rather pissed off, so I tend to crack jokes that really are funny to me (I laughed after that) .___. and not to a lot of other people.. hmm I apologize if it was offensive. If I was in a more rational mood, I would probably have said, just evaluate where you’re coming from. Is it really all that different from who I am? Can you really assert a claim of superiority over me? Rather.. if there is any claim, it’s me because I put my opinions out there and you have to hide behind a wall to put yours… sigh.. ranty Michelle..

      thanks for flagging it, I will be removing it shortly :P I think it’s had a good run and isn’t necessary anymore to intimidate anyone hahahaha (I’m evil)

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  11. This might be a late reaction to a discussion that happened months ago. I’m sorry but i couldn’t help myself from agreeing w/ your post. Others mmight say that one shouldn’t complain of losing his privacyif he’s a star because it really is a part of it. But noone has the authority to dictate one’s life especially if he’s just one of those who take pleasure w/ one’s hard work.

    istilllovetaemin. ^^.

    • not at all ! even though I wrote this awhile ago.. it’s still valid that Taemin may or may not have a girlfriend, and definitely valid that none of us should give a crap about it! :)

      thanks for reading


  12. I am in LOVE with your blogs e.e
    i keep reading them!
    thank you for literally reading my thoughts/opinions. haha :)
    i couldn’t agree more.
    i absolutely adore Taemin to the core but i respect him in so man ways.
    if he were to have a girlfriend..i would be perfectly fine with it..it’s his life :D
    plus i love seeing him happy :) that’s what counts right?

    anyways! thanks again for this ^^
    (kinda a late comment though :( )

    • XD don’t worry about the late commenting thing.. sometimes I think all my well-written blog entries were posted in the past -___-”

      Yay! That’s exactly what counts! Yay for us nice peoples! lol.

  13. Your post really upsets me. I guess because you’re 100% right.
    Taemin seems like the nicest person. Nicer than any guy I’ve ever met.
    I have this spark of hope, that one day I might actually get to know him.
    But then again, until that would happened, he might already be married.

    • if you do want to meet him, as someone commented before, put every effort. learn Korean. study abroad in Korea. get involved in music. otherwise, it’ll just be a spark that fizzles out :( nothing is impossible without work. but how many people will have that drive? …

      thanks for reading and commenting :)

      • that’s my goal. i wanted to be a famouse singer and dancer since i was young. when i saw the lucifer music video it makes me really want to be korean famous singer and dancer. i planned to learn korean anad go to korea after highschool because i wanna meet them. hopefully they have an audition for new shinee member in four more years. i just wanna sing and dance with them not make them my boyfriends. i just want them to think of me a a little sister coz taemin is 4 years older than me and he’s the youngest. minho and others probably 6 years older than me. i mean it would be awesome to have taemin as my boyfriend but it would take magic to make that happen so being his littile sister is enough :D.

        p.s your blog make me smile :D

      • awww that last comment makes me smile too XD lol, let’s be Japanese for a second, “Gambate!!!!”
        ^ I like saying that better than “Fighting!”

        practice hard! even if you don’t achieve your those specific dreams, you definitely will have achieved something else worth celebrating ^^;


  14. i totally agree i mean yah it hurt to hear taemin dating but that his life. i guess he love his fan but he can’t go around kissing them all i mean he can’t make them all his girlfrien. i’m srry to say this but if one day he become unpopular and his band got separate i bet those girls would be like “who’s taemin? what the heck is shinee??”. i bet girls just like shinee because they look hot and cute no matter what they wear..all celebrity have the right to date the people they love and if they’re fan really love them, they should let celebrity do whatever they want with their lovers. i love shinee because of their dancing and singing and i dont mind if they go around dating girls it their life i can’t make them not having a crush on someone.. so my point is if u a real fan, u wouldn’t be mad if taemin or minho, junghyun, onew, ( other celebrity u love ) dating someone. it their love. not yours


      also, I don’t -think- Taemin is actually dating anyone right now, but it’s always good to know that if he is dating someone, which he probably will at one point or another, that we should respect his privacy! I agree. Ten years down the road, SHINee may be a nobody :( just like HOT D: people change, and their likes change too, so getting too invested in something so far away is never good.

      thank you so much for your great comment!

  15. Hey.. I think ur ri8, for example i know one girl who is s justin bieber fan, nd wen he was dating seena gomez, she went crazy to the t. It was impossible to make her shut up! There r many fangirls who are obsessed wid male young celebs like they r sumthing to eat. And i’m from india so i see a lot of different fangirls…..smart ones r less found nd almost negligible in number….if u know wat i mean :-) nd wen it comes to taemin, give da child a rest plz, he is just 17, dont push him to da extremes, dis was for da crazy girls reading dis amazin’ blog.. Hey Michelle, r u on facebook, if so plz send me a frnd request, it wud be vry gud if i know sum sensible girls.my id is ghoshdeblina@rocketmail.com, will be waiting for u….. Lol Luv U…….

    • ahaha, sure I will request you when I have time, wait a day or two. I’m flattered! Thanks so much! It’s a pleasure to meet you too, we’re not the only non-crazy ones out there :) I always think it’s funny to think about these crazy fangirls when they’re 30 and they already have a husband and family, and where will Lee Taemin be in their lives? ==” Probably nowhere!!


  16. omg… Those hater noonas who r bullying the poor girl are so stupid! I mean, Taemin likes her and She likes him (of corse, i mean who doesnt ^3^) Noonas, DEAL WITH IT! I’m happy that Taemin found a nice girl that he can be happy with. Also, stop going into the idols personal lives and think that ur a part of it cuz U REALLY ARENT.

  17. youre right its not our life he can chos ewhat he do with him life( srry im not good english)

    who is noonas?


    • lol, how passionate! Thank you for expressing your opinion. However, I do think it is fair to judge Taemin based on appearance.. that’s how he makes money, his appearance. If he was a plumber, we would judge him on how well he plumbs.

      Noonas are older sisters, as called by Korean males. You can call women who aren’t related to you noonas, just as long as your age gap isn’t too big. Otherwise.. you might go for.. ahjumma! lulz.


  18. I am a Taemin fan as well but I only like him as a fan…idols have a life as well!! As well as privacy!! And seriously, it’s not that girl’s fault that Taemin is an idol and that the taemints don’t like her -3-

  19. BEST COMMENT EVER ON THE SITUATION! You are fabulous and there really isn’t anything else to say except that I loved this: “It’s pathetic to stare at an image all day when you could be Hillary Clinton and demand SHINee perform at the next State Dinner.” :3

  20. Those fans girl are really out of mind and attitute. Idol have their own life, They are too selfish to be human. Even TaeMin choose someone of his fans to be his girlfriend.
    That was his choice. Omg, be smart ‘k.

  21. Omg I agree. I’m Taemin’s fan but I could care less about his personal life and relationships he has. If he does have a girlfriend thats good for him. Anyways I think most fangirls, not only SHINee’s fangirls should stop bashing on every girl they see thats close to male idols.. They are fricken humans, of course they have dated or fell in love before. It shouldn’t be any concern to fans who male idols are dating; unless you are their friend or mother. If those girls like them so much, then they should become idols themselves.

  22. But I don’t get it? Why did this person who wrote this summary told the fangirls (that’s one of me) To stop doing what we usually do? I don’t get how is that a bad thing? Even if Taemin has a girlfriend his fans (which is us) should be happy for him and not feel bad or sorry for him. We encourage him about whatever he does,and choices so Taemin fighting forever!! We will always be your fangirls. SHAWOL FOREVER!!!!!

    • no, there is a point where what you usually do isn’t good. when you disparage women that Taemin happens to talk to or be friends with, or when you get upset that so-and-so has a girlfriend because no, he is Jonghyun’s.. um.. no.

      but what you said is true! That’s exactly what I was going for. thanks for stopping by,

  23. I think, it’s true, I am fans from SHINee especially Taemin. But, honestly I don’t care about “who will be his Girlfriend”…. He same age with me, I think he is not very interested about girls, LOL, he’s just sassy and flirtatious not players, he did just like a child say ” Hey do you want to play something with me? I’m bored!”, or “hey! look at me look at me! I’m taemin!” , childlike attitude, careless and forgetful. But actually he is a faithful man, have a kind heart, the drawback is he’s a voter he will so long to have a girlfriend……. um… I don’t know. Ah! forget it! the point is I agree with you…

    now Taemin learn to become adults, though I liked his childish nature…ke~ ke~ ke~..

  24. Actually Jonghyun had a girlfriend too.
    Before their debut Jonghyun had a beautiful relationship, both of them loved each other, but Jonghyun had been busy for their Japanese advancement.
    And adding to the tension of the relationship, fans of Jonghyun had been sending the girl notes threatening her. So the girl was really scared, she had to break up with Jonghyun.

  25. nicely said, i couldn’t help but just comment that you are right. if you like somebody and you want them to see them in person but can’t, girls, learn hard and “demand that shinee performs for” you at what ever party you have. that was my plan after i get my island XD

  26. u guys r right :(
    everything u said is right…. but u should know that there r some girls that really really like them not beacause their handsome. but beause their famous, but only because they r them.

    im a girl that truly a big fan of taemin but i also know that i will never ever going to meet him but i wish him all the best and happyness in his life…. and also that he gets a cute pretty quite gf like him.

    • there is a wall between idol and fan, depending on the individual, will climb it or not, have to remember when fail and falling down it’s will be feeling hurt.

  27. I totally agree with you.
    I mean come on, there’s just 1 Taemin n these many fans out there.
    You are no one to other’s decions whosoever it is.
    It’s his life and his choice

  28. I am fully agreeing with you. Fan girls can be soooo immature. Let Taemin decide who he wants to be with without any harassment of him or the girl. I don’t know how they can be so stupidly jealous and mean even though i can. I mean it’s sad sometimes when you find out the guy you like is dating a girl but come on don’t be cruel just because of your petty jealousy.

  29. Although I’m already really late to see this post and comment
    I’m totally agree, with that statement
    Why TaeMin can’t dating or married someday? He is also human and a normal guy
    Many girls want him, and he is just one in the world.
    TaeMin can choose whoever he want to be with :D

  30. I agree with you, They have every right to choose whoever they want, as long as they are happy everyone else should be too. . .

    I hope all of them will be happy always ^_^

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