[lifestyle] White women getting more weight loss surgery, really now.

So says a new study done, and this isn’t exactly news.  I can offer you the reasons why without even looking at the abstract:

  1. FINANCIAL: blacks and Hispanics aren’t as well-to-do as whites (yet.. it takes a rather long time to erase the effects of flamboyant racism that still sadly exists today), so they cannot afford this costly surgery, whether they have health insurance or not.
  2. SOCIAL: blacks and Hispanic generally seem to like a curvier body shape (i.e. open a copy of Vogue and see all the skinny sticks that happen to be white).
  3. SOCIAL: it’s more socially acceptable for men to have beer guts, lots of great actors like Jack Nicholson and Jack Black have guts, but still are considered studly by a lot of women.

Who’s ready to write a huge scientific paper without any research? Who is so ready for this?

Want to check my assertions? Check out Time Magazine’s summary.  Some studies are so useless, just for gathering the empirical data when the hypotheses are so clearly correct.  It’s like hypothesizing, a raindrop contains water (albeit polluted).  Brilliant.


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