[kpop] why is Jonghyun dripping?

Scans of SHINee’s photoshoot have been uploaded, and you can view them here.

Overall, the poses are the usual boy-band-modelling, a little androgynous (see Onew touching Jonghyun’s waist here), and Jonghyun sticking out his tongue unnecessarily here to make fangirls swoon.  Also, an interesting picture of Key wearing a leopard print sports jacket while Onew is roaring at him, quite possibly the most symbolically interesting photo out of the bunch.

They each shot close-ups:

individual portraits

All of them look all right, and Onew still looks like a dork who doesn’t know how to look at a camera sexily, but that’s why we love him.

The only thing is.. why is Jonghyun dripping? Why is he the only one drippping?!

I must be missing something here.  Why is Jonghyun the only one to have been doused with water (clearly not sweat or the nape of his neck would have been glistening)? I like what the water does to his eyelashes, they magnify them and reflect light.

This is sort of disturbing to me.  Why is he the only one wet and why is my kindergartener mind going berserk with this? I suppose out of all the members, Jonghyun is seen as a ‘player’ because of his more masculine body, even though Minho is considered the most handsome.  They all said someone in the group who they wouldn’t introduce their sister to is Jonghyun– which I think is unfair.  Taemin is probably more of a player than Jonghyun.  For all Jonghyun’s self-confidence, he’s just a little puppy inside.. I get that feeling, after all, he’s the one who wrote the lyrics to Juliette!

So I suppose they’re more comfortable with Jonghyun assuming the more flagrant sex symbol role.. i.e. being wet when no one else is.  Classy, GQ.


5 thoughts on “[kpop] why is Jonghyun dripping?

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  4. I don’t know where to start…I used to be a huge fan of men magazines -although I’m a girl- and GQ was one of my montly buys…US version ofc, mainly because their fashion section usually featured many of my favorite male models of that time -when they were more androgyn type rather than super muscular ones- eventually my models stopped to be booked and so my buyings of GQ stopped yet I usually go through their pages anyhow. Then brittish version appeared, and well same thing happened. So what I’m trying to say is that after some time I stumble with an article that was saying how GQ changes from country to another. For example US cover ALWAYS must have a man on it and actually every now and then feature interesting articles about gay themes -or at least it used to-. Latinamerican versions however, in 98% of cases feature a girl on the cover -a barely dressed one- and as far as I know never include gay themed articles, actually the crappiest kind of slight ‘misoginy’ ones are the one that made the cut :S. Why? Conde Nast surveying for GQ in each country is quite exceptional, almost impeccable! Every little thing that appears on that magazine is hugely planned. I guess my appealing to the american version runs for attractive & well dressed boys/men + not excessively sexualization of women on their pages -so it could gross out non-het men, maybe? and ironically some girls XD-. All this to mention that maybe Jonghyun was the only one dripping because maybe GQ SK version has some sort of design like the american version, that tries to appeal to both straight & homosexual audiences. I’ve never seen an SK version so this is just a theory. But I really have the feeling that at least this Shinee Article had that intention…because honestly, GQ NEVER aims to be likeable to female audience -CN has vogue & glamour for those matters-, even if they feature male celebs. The poses sort of confirms me this. And the other hint I get is a survey where Jjong was the #1 male idol preferred among gay SK men -even more than GDragon!-. Maybe the dripping was definitely a “flagrant sex symbol role” imposed to him but no necessarily to appear as a womanizer man….just eye candy for some gentlemen.
    I hope this makes sense to you XP.
    About “They all said someone in the group who they wouldn’t introduce their sister to is Jonghyun– which I think is unfair” I really don’t have idea why they do, wish I could say something about it & “Taemin is probably more of a player than Jonghyun” AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also I would like to ask you, do you think the The First SHINee pics are aimed in it’s totality to females? I’m wondering because some girls were talking about how much their image in those promos seems to have a ‘double’ target…The wifebeaters & suspenders…ok, maybe, although not necessarily but.. the lollipops?!? And I thought the melting ice pop-sicle of Taemin on Lucifer JP was all the innuendo they were going to do o_oU. This last question it’s quite irrelevant, but if you have any thoughts on this, would love to read them n_n!
    Have a nice day Michelle!

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