[kpop] rumor: Taemin from SHINee being bullied. verdict: like no.

16 July 2011 edit: This has really been irritating me lately. Taemin is not being bullied, as I’ve said in the blog title! So people, stop sharing my photo below and saying he’s being bullied!

Taemin stalker pics

supposed Taemin stalker pictures from his school

Photos of Taemin have appeared online of him at school, apparently from someone stalking him. Various blogs have asserted that he’s being bullied again. This is just not true, according to WeAreShining, a WordPress dedicated to SHINee. Who are we to believe? Let’s consider. If Taemin was being bullied, wouldn’t a manager just shunt the head of the offender? Remember the SHINee manager hitting a fangirl? So yeah, if Taemin was being bullied, I think someone would be assassinated by now. Obviously. That’s the only way to permanently solve a problem, never the mind it causes more. We can always solve ‘those’ later.

Verdict: Taemin is not being bullied, because he does not leave a trail of dead bodies behind him, floating on the Pacific Ocean on the flight to LA.

(But seriously, the WeAreShining community knows who took the pictures, and they were not meant for stalking. OK? So calm down, Taeminnie is safe.)


3 thoughts on “[kpop] rumor: Taemin from SHINee being bullied. verdict: like no.

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  2. if anything it just looks like he is signing autographs in these pictures. they should send him to school with a bodygaurd

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