[book review] Catching Fire.. I already ate dinner..

Catch the joke? I really did just eat dinner, though.

My brother incidentally informed me that he had the hardcover edition of the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire. With nothing better to do, I read it. As per the first book, the second book loads on the action and the hold-your-breath moments, with scarcely an attempt at allegory or a deeper theme other than survival. The beginning one-third of the novel aimlessly drifts around as the main character, Katniss Everdeen, aimlessly drifts around in her newfound fame. During this time, I fought between my boredom and my anticipation of another Hunger Games happening (why yes, I read the Wikipedia article beforehand). In Catching Fire, the string of storytelling that Collins winds about our minds is not stretched as taut and is not as compelling. Katniss may be a likeable character, but only grudgingly so, as I became increasingly frustrated by her ability to boil things down to, well, all about her.

Verdict: read if you have time and would like a not-bad-to-fill-the-time-with thriller. Otherwise, I strongly recommend you have a go at its companion Wikipedia article. In my experience, the article is more concise, and skillfully kills Curiosity the Cat.

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