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I have finally finished my crusade to answer every comment left since around April. In the process, I answered a lot of comments on my compilation of SHINee’s physical stats, and I was disturbed by a lot of weight comparisons going on, especially comments like, “I’m ashamed I’m heavier than Taemin.”

No way. Stop right there.

I realize my way of thinking and my body is not similar to most people’s, but I would like to tell you how I approach these two questions, “Am I fat?” and “How do I lose weight?” Perhaps it can help you view your weight and health in a different perspective. Please note that I am not out to offend anyone nor am I someone who has a medical degree.

For a serious answer to this question, do not ask yourself this question. Do not ask your friends this question. Do not ask your parents this question. Do not ask your relatives. Do not ask strangers. If they tell you even if you do not ask, do not believe them. Ask a doctor who has accurately measured your weight, taken your blood pressure and other routine check-up procedures, and has your medical history.

If the doctor says you are overweight or obese, at this point, you have confirmation that you are indeed fat. Doctors have little incentive to lie to you, and are trained to be objective.

three plus-size models on the cover of Vogue Italia, June 2011. Translation of cover: “True Beauties”.

If the doctor says you are perfectly fine, but you still feel uncomfortable about your weight, please ask the doctor if it would be healthy for you to lose weight. Some people are naturally a little more plump than others, so it may end up being detrimental to your health by losing more weight. If you are concerned with how you look in clothes because of your chubbiness, I hate to say it but I have to– you are not dressing yourself correctly. There are plenty of plus-size women who look amazing (like this one!). Spend a rainy day Googling tips and watching makeover shows, and another rainy day to head to the mall and try on clothes. I do the same; even though I may be at a lighter weight, I cannot try on every piece of clothing and have it look passable.

If you seek to lose around 0-5lbs (0-2kg), then generally I would not be so stringent about asking the doctor about losing weight.

Bottom line: just ask the doctor. There will always be someone skinnier and taller than you.

Again, please keep in mind, these are just general tips. I am not a professional dietitian, nor do I have a medical degree, as I said above. If you truly are obese, I encourage you to reach out for professional help. It can be dangerous losing weight in obesity, as ironic as that sounds. These sets of tips are more for the people who are looking to lose that 0-5lbs (0-2kg).

(1) stop eating so much salt. This is really silly and embarrassing, but I bloat a lot. One day, I will see a five pound increase and in the next few days, I will see a five pound decrease. It is because I inhale potato chips and other salty things in abundance when I am not supposed to and that increases my water retention. If you notice this too, you can decrease your average weight if you watch how much salt you ingest. Believe me, being bloated and having a closet full of only skinny leg pants is not that great. Even if this is regulating ‘water’ weight, this will still help you decrease your weight overall, and is probably the easiest and quickest way for you to ‘lose’ weight.
(2) exercise every day for thirty continuous minutes. This does not have to be intense, but at least it must be speed-walking. Some people say thirty minutes three or four times a week is enough. Yes, it may be enough, but in my experience, if you skip days, you start saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Find a buddy to exercise with you. If you cannot find a buddy, perhaps try finding a DVD you can follow. Experiment with different sports and exercises until you find one you like and that you can be engaged in for thirty minutes. Make exercise something you can at least partially enjoy.
(3) eat moderately. For good portion sizes, please check this website. However, “eat moderately” does not mean “do not eat cupcakes”. It means eat a cupcake once in a while, and when you eat the cupcake, do not eat three more. If you want some chocolate, do not buy a whole bag of Hershey’s Kisses. Buy some expensive German chocolate bar, and eat around three pieces.
(4) eat slowly. If you eat slowly and stop once in a while, it gives time for your brain to process the stomach’s information and your brain can receive the signal that you are full. When you go to a restaurant for dinner, do not just order a salad (totally lame). If you want a steak, order the steak. If you eat slowly and find you cannot finish it, simply do not finish it. Put the rest in a doggy bag and use it to garnish your bento for lunch.

Aji Ichiban has the best dried mangoes I have ever eaten. Way expensive though, my wallet cries but stomach rejoices.

(5) hide snacks from sight. For the unhealthy snacks and soda, put them above or below eye level, so you are less tempted to eat them. I recently hid a huge bag of dried mangoes behind my laptop case and forgot about it for a week even though they were just an arm’s reach away. Do not leave your snacks on the table or on the sofa, by the time it is midnight, they are begging you to eat them. As a college student, I can say this is a true story. Chip bags start dancing like sugar plums.
(6) MICHELLE~~~ BUT ALL HEALTHY FOODS TASTE BAD. You have been eating the wrong food. Go eat some other food. Stay away from the processed healthy foods; stick to the basics like fresh fruits, vegetables and leaner meat. Try some new recipes. Or maybe it is just that you are a bad cook. Generally, if you are used to processed foods (overly salty, overly sweet, overly whatever), ‘healthy’ food will taste a bit ‘plain’ at first, but as you eat more of it, you will realize a lot more subtle flavor. There is nothing quite like fresh veggies seasoned with a bit of oil and salt.

Bottom line: just be responsible. The choices are simple; the only difficulty is being responsible!

I’m curious! If you have tried to lose weight before, what are things that have worked or have not worked for you?

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6 thoughts on “[lifestyle/musings] the amifat and howdoiloseweight post

  1. Excellent post, Michelle! I really like it! And it really is useful.
    As the person who has been trying to lose weight, I can guarantee that all of the facts you posted above worked for me. Well, I was not overweight, but I look slight plump for a short girl with very small frame. I tried hard and I lost over 5kg over a period of 2 months by following all of the advices you gave above. Don’t worry, I got measured by a professional trainer and he said I’m still in healthy range and can lose more.
    I think losing weight is all about making and eating sensible food choices combined with moderate physical. You don’t have to practically live in the gym to lose weight. Only body builders do that to achieve their ideal body type for competition.
    In my experience, just exercise moderately for about 40 minutes a day, eat healthy well-balanced diet and get active. Your weight will shed naturally. Weird fact: when I run, I find it harder to lose weight. But when I do low-impact exercises like yoga and pilates everyday, I find weightloss more effective. Someone need to enlighten me on that.
    Salt! Yes, I cannot agree more about it.. Bloating. Is. Terrible. It usually goes to my face and I end up looking like a chubby bunny..especially when I eat ramen late at night!
    Useful tip, if you feel like you have indulged in too much salty food, drink a cup of milk (full cream or skimmed, it’s fine) That helps reduce the bloating the next day. I find it really really helpful and effective. Thanks to Seo In Young for that.


    • haha, I think I told you, but I really enjoy reading your blog posts, and I found that the ones on losing weight were really funny and also had lots of good advice too. I agree. If you work out too much, you might actually end up gaining muscle.. not a bad thing, but still doesn’t really help you towards fitting into that pair of pants.. for a period of time my school made us weight-lift so I developed really strong forearms and long-sleeved shirts were really uncomfortably tight around the elbow area..

      lol. apparently Onew bloats in the face a lot, but I’ve never noticed it. I mainly bloat in the stomach area.. sighhhhh ah but thanks for telling me about the milk tip! I rarely drink it, unless I have spicy food and need to cool down my mouth; and after all the food contamination scares in China, no one drinks much milk anymore here :P have to wait until I head back until the US.

      thanks for your insights ^^~

  2. blogilates.com is a good workout / pilates & cardio that i’ve been doing.
    and i agree with all of your points.
    preach it, kids these days need to hear more words of affirmation > what the media’s throwing at them!

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