[lifestyle] some really beautiful Asians.

And keep scrolling folks. All the way to the bottom.

All totally male.

Read the original post (with more pictures!) here at ChinaSMACK. I thought I’d share the mindboggling-ness– especially the man in the pink kimono. Goodness gracious!

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12 thoughts on “[lifestyle] some really beautiful Asians.

    • hahaha.. I really do want to meet a bishonen someday, a guy who can really look like a girl even without extensive makeup or a wig *___* someone who is commonly cited as a real life bishonen is Gackt..

  1. As soon as I saw the second one I knew they were traps!! And the third one is a visual kei artist i *think* i recognize…. Hizaki? Wooonderful~
    *finishes reading your article*
    Ah, I thought thats where I saw them from. xD Aren’t asian traps wonderful <3 *putsustoshameT_T*

    • +o+ haha I am determined to have a Western collage of pretty boys masquerading as girls as another post! lol.. it can’t be just Asian guys that are so great at looking like girls!

      have you seen the post where Chinese girls before and after putting makeup on?? -.- I was tempted to post some pictures from that too!


  2. I was surprised, haha. Especially because the first few ones didn’t really look like a guy to me.
    The last one, the shoulders gave it away.
    I don’t really get jealous of girls looking so cute or extremely gorgeous, but these….should I even consider myself a girl? Haha.

    • lol, yes the shoulders, but then, I was thinking he is ‘holding’ them in such a feminine way that I was like, *___* … I wonder what that guy is like in person!

      haha of course you are a girl. ^^~~ I think that a good majority of young, slender men can look like girls if they got proper makeup.


  3. Wow. Just wowza. They’re more girly than I am considering that I am a girl and I can’t come even close to pull off their looks, if you know what I mean.

  4. Hm, I kind of saw the masculinity in the face of the fourth one, but not enough to tip me off that these are actually all guys. This truly shows how deceptive appearances can be…

  5. Honestly, I think the first one gave it away. When I saw that one and the third, I immediately thought they were guys. Maybe I’m just good at this because I like so much Visual Kei?

    Oh man, but that one in the pink dress is really really convincing!!

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