[nerd/tech] Google’s data center cooled by seawater.

I admit, I sort of peed my nerdy pants when I saw this video. Google has lots of data centers, processing every single query, every single usage of Google and its services. This new data center in Hamina, Finland was built on the site of a paper mill which had started to operate in the 1950s– the data center now uses the same granite tunnels used by the defunct paper mill. Sustainability and design. Bless you, Google.

Some comments left on the video:

Being there you would understand the brilliance. This design serves numerous purposes. The closed mill had no useful purpose based on its designed market. Numerous jobs were impacted. Google invigorated the area with a influx of new jobs. Designed to the latest technology today with emphasis on “green” preservation, the most efficient design from a carbon footprint standpoint.

Google leads the data center world in environmental awareness. That is what makes them a great company.


Finland, welcome your new overlords. If nuclear winter were to ever hit the only things that would remain would be cockroaches and Google.


ah well you can take all my private data and do what you want now..you have totally gained my trust..


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