[blog/nerd] my #followfriday edit.. so purdy..

I understand why some people love doing edits (besides gaining a lot of followers), because the end result is so pretty! However.. there’s really not much point to it unless you like doing it for the art, because online peoples are means. Once you stop doing edits or do them less frequently, people unfollow in droves. I felt kind of guilty– though I do update every day (10 posts), a lot of it is quite randomz. So I was thinking, better galvanize my lazy self and do some Photoshopping for #followfriday.

Inspired by Coldplay concert posters, this tutorial was pretty easy. I did some improvising with more layers so I could have better control of deleting what I did not want. After the first smoke curl, I was pretty much finished because I needed a space for the names and Jonghyun takes up more than half the space. I thought the random bars were a little too much.

Maybe I should review PS tutorials on a more regular basis. Or even, heck, write alternatives for tutorials I found utterly confusing. Maybe.

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One thought on “[blog/nerd] my #followfriday edit.. so purdy..

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