[Gadget] Cr-48 (Chromebook!) quick list of good/bad

Argh. The profile picture that I can't change.

I have had this Chromebook since Thursday (today is Sunday), and for those who are curious about how it well or how badly it runs, here’s a quick run-down:


  1. Fast boot-up, usually only takes a few seconds to turn on from a shut-down
  2. Keyboard easy to type on, the simplified keyboard makes sense
  3. Lightweight
  4. Rubberized surface feels solid and can withstand a bit of damage or weathering
  5. Sound is not ‘tinny’ but isn’t very loud overall
  6. Battery does run for 8 hours
  7. Google Talk widget is handy, and stays on the bottom on the screen, just barely peeking out as you move from tab to tab.
  8. Verizon 3G works at normal speeds (around 1Mb/s)
  9. It’s free! I’m a college student, so this is very important; also Google sent me a sticker to put on it, so double the points


  1. Flash stutters: I can’t watch Youtube or Hulu comfortably without all these annoying pauses
  2. Flash loves crashing 3 out of 4 times.
  3. Chrome gets progressively slower when you open more tabs, lots of pauses and halts
  4. Google Talk is good on my end, but not so hot with the other end
  5. Touchpad, even though I set it on the highest sensitivity, only registers my double finger taps for right click 2/3 of the time
  6. Touchpad is just one large left click button, so the only way to right click is to tap with two fingers, which doesn’t succeed 1/3 of the time!
  7. Verizon 3G set up took around 20 min.
  8. Cannot change original profile picture that you take with the webcam
  9. I used half of my free 100 Mb per month by watching one SHINee video on Youtube 480p
  10. I have no idea where my pictures I download go; they’re not showing up in my Downloads folder for some reason

Verdict: It’s a netbook. Except the only thing on it is Chrome. A really buggy Chrome–I usually send a few bug reports every day. I use it mostly for browsing the web when I’m too lazy to carry my heavier Asus or wait for either my laptop or my desktop to turn on. In this way, I conform to Google’s purpose of a user using a notebook only to browse the internet. Yes, I have three computers now: Asus notebook, Chromebook, Dell Inspiron desktop. All squished into my dorm. I’m a nerdy kindergartener. I know.

Any questions you want me to investigate, let me know! :)

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