[musings/school] Paper ranting

Look at all those comments! they make me sadface

As a freshman, I am required to take a mandatory course on Writing, though I have already gotten a shiny 5 on my AP English and Literature exam.

I am in Art History 100 to fulfill this idiotic requirement, and I just got my first paper grade today.  It was an A-.

Most people would be happy with it.  But I’m extremely disappointed, because of one big reason.  I’m an annoying professor prodder and follower.  The professor read my paper beforehand, and made lots of comments, and I followed every comment to the T.  I edited in all the places she indicated.

Then I got a paper full of new annotations on my style that she overlooked! BAHH.

I know I’m a bit cocky to expect an A.  But still. If the professor read the paper beforehand and I did everything.. um.  Aren’t you contradicting yourself? I always am extremely peeved about these self-contradictions.

Well, the only way to go is up. (But then the other really odd thing that happened was she marked my lecture summary with an “EXCELLENT” with three underlining marks.)

I’m getting mixed signals.

This figures.. the only flirting I’m able to perceive is the flirting the border of the A-/B+ range.

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