[Apple] new iPod Nano. AS A WATCH.

As you know, Apple has done away with the traditional click wheel of the iPod Nano, and now it is just one glossy, squarish rectangular touch screen.  For $17.00, you can buy a color-coordinated strap that will fit perfectly in the latches on the iPod Nano.

I’ve got to say, that is pretty amazing looking, but then how are you supposed to listen to music? A wire dangling from your wrist is kind of awkward.  So though this is a great use for an iPod Nano, it’s impractical, because the Nano is essentially the ‘play music’ product in Apple’s line, especially so since support for video playback has been removed for the Nano.  But I’ve got to say, if someone asked me for the time, flashing my iPod Nano would be pretty nerdy.  And what can I say? Well, I can say that my new iPod Touch is arriving next week.  Maybe I can have a gangster chain attached to it.. and while I’m wearing it, a video of Tupac is on continuous loop.  Never mind I look like a slightly nerdy Asian girl who never really managed to become un-fobby.

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